Welcome to Electric Kingdom. Here, you will find all you need to know about the growing Electro scene; primarily the styles of Electro Funk and Electro Bass. For years a music almost without an identity, "Electro" as many like to call it, has been a style associated with early B-Boy music, and the subsequent rise of Electro Bass as the Techno Bass sound in Detroit and Miami.


After the advent of digital music and retailers, much of what is termed as mainstream EDM music (Electronic Dance Music) began to call this music Electro as well, leaving the styles that had been known as such for so long nameless and buried in the sand.

While it is true that during the beginning of Electronic Music people in some countries like the UK referred to this music in general as "Electro", and perhaps the industry has gone back to that mindset in some ways, many styles have proliferated over the decades, and not many remain so important to the history as Electro Funk and Bass music; or "Electro" as the B-boys like to call it.


Our mission is to help clarify the history of our sound, while helping to revive its lost identity by archiving its history through and through. Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the journey!

Meet the writers:

Santino Fernandez

Editor-in-chief, Reviewer, Interviewer, Reporter, Webmaster, Co-Founder, DJ, Producer | Charlottesville, VA (USA)

Santino has been involved in journalism in many ways since he was a child, but professionally since 2009, after the launching of the online magazine TechnoBass. There, Santino was responsible for many great articles and even interviews, where he got a chance to speak to such names as DJ Q-bert, David Noller of Dynamix II and Frankie Bones to name a few. Now, venturing into his own domain, he brings you Electric Kingdom...an exploration of Electro music history. Read on!


Chris Nexus 6

Reviewer, Interviewer, Co-Founder, DJ, Illustrator | Paris, France

Chris Nexus 6 has been the longest-running Electro scene journalist. Writing articles and reviewing records since the 90's on the infamous Atome online magazine, Chris would spend some time writing for Electro Alliance after the closing of Atome, eventually migrating his talents over to the popular TechnoBass magazine, where he would introduce interviews to the mix, and getting a chance to sit down with artists such as Scott Weiser of Jackal N Hyde, Mauro Nakimi, and Illektrolab. Now, Chris partners up with Santino Fernandez to bring you Electric Kingdom...hang tight, the journey has just begun!



Reviewer, Interviewer, Reporter, DJ | Tacoma, WA (USA)

Lb.IP is the host of “FreeBass Radio”, a long-running Electro show on Global Funk Radio. Aside from being an avid vinyl collector and DJ, he is also a journalist and freelance writer based in Tacoma, WA. He now joins Electric Kingdom to continue expressing his love for Electro music.


Giulia Scrocchi

Interviewer, Reporter, A&R | Milan, Italy

Giulia tried to find in her mind the balance between romance novels and Sci-Fi. When she discovered Electro and Techno as a utopian vision of the world, these styles became an extension of her inner feelings. Giulia’s writing style is focused on the relationship between music, culture and social contexts. She expresses her ideas writing for Soundwall and co-producing the Milan party called Orbiter based on experimental music and Electro hybrid Techno. Obsessed with Hi-Tech, dystopian sounds and everything that breaks the rules, she will continue to explore what is new and unexpected.


Jacek Janiszewski

Reviewer, Interviewer, Reporter, DJ, Producer | London, UK

Having been exposed to Le Car, Dopplereffekt, Anthony Rother, I-F and the like through mixtapes at an early age, left a mark on Jacek. With a craving for more of those funk futurisms he started to dig crates and developed a love for both the more melodic Kraftwerk influenced side of it, as well as the raw funk and punchy stuff. He lives and works in London.


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