Welcome to Electric Kingdom. Here, you will find all you need to know about the growing Electro scene; primarily the styles of Electro Funk and Electro Bass. For years a music almost without an identity, "Electro" as many like to call it, has been a style associated with early B-Boy music, and the subsequent rise of Electro Bass as the Techno Bass sound in Detroit and Miami.


After the advent of digital music and retailers, much of what is termed as mainstream EDM music (Electronic Dance Music) began to call this music Electro as well, leaving the styles that had been known as such for so long nameless and buried in the sand.

While it is true that during the beginning of Electronic Music people in some countries like the UK referred to this music in general as "Electro", and perhaps the industry has gone back to that mindset in some ways, many styles have proliferated over the decades, and not many remain so important to the history as Electro Funk and Bass music; or "Electro" as the B-boys like to call it.


Our mission is to help clarify the history of our sound, while helping to revive its lost identity by archiving its history through and through. Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the journey!