The Droid; Electro alter ego of Leeds-based Ben Evans, is easily one of the most productive projects we have seen over the last couple of years, conquering dance floors worldwide with a funky, eclectic, and innovative style, making his mark on labels such as Ukonx Recordings out of France, Crobot Muzik, not to mention others like UK's Cyber Domain, Abseits Recordings, and even refined Italian outfit Urban Connections.

The Droid's 21st century approach to Electro brings in elements from different key electronic genres, seamlessly integrating them into highly polished, forward thinking productions that can appeal to a wide audience with familiar flavors, yet an envelope pushing undercurrent that is always looking to challenge you and take you places that sometimes you are unaware you are even being taken to.

Tunes like "Atom" for example, offer 4x4 beats with a warm, hypnotic Techno groove a la Drexciya, while subtly allowing Kraftwerkian vibes to seep in as if paying homage to the roots of electronic music, from the perspective of one of the most pioneering and forward thinking artists in the history of Electro. Others like "Particle" and the title track, are jazzy, upbeat tunes, layered with mind-bending drones and sonic mastery that push fiercely into climactic territories filled with devious electronic aesthetics and pure dark uncanny funk.

Then of course is that absolute treat best saved for last; a collaboration between The Droid and Ukonx mastermind Deemphasis titled "Soul". One of those special songs for the early morning hours, driven by a beautiful, absolutely haunting pad that sounds like the mourning of a fallen angel, while a slightly off-kilter sequence meshes with lush synths to infuse the atmospheres you'll find here with a melancholic, reflective vibe that will cut right through you with a delicate edge.

The Droid's "Subside EP" was released via French Ukonx Recordings November 7th, 2021, on digital formats, and can be found through the label's Bandcamp. It can also be streamed via services like Apple Music.