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Posatronix is William "BJ" Smith. Since an early age, BJ has been fascinated by music, spending hours at a time listening to the radio, where BJ could only dream of one day when perhaps he could begin to do something with this art that was so captivating to him. Growing up during some of the darkest days of Detroit's history, BJ's mindframe was certainly that of very profound feelings about society, and what needed to be done to help bring about change in the way people interacted with each other. Music to him was at least, if anything, an escape from the turmoils of life, and a positive way to redirect his energy into something fruitful.

While attending High School, BJ met Tommy Hamilton, both whom had lots in common with each other; mainly their avid fascination with dancing. Teaming up as partners in the dance group Devo Dancers, as well as the Cosmic Dancers, BJ and Tommy went on to revolutionize the Detroit dance scene with their unique dance routines. Some time later, Hamilton and Smith teamed up with Anthony "Blak Tony" Horton and Keith Tucker to form the R&B group, "Regime". After the group disbanded, BJ went on to join the Air Force, becoming an Airborne Ranger, and serving 4 long years.

In 1995, after Keith Tucker decided to leave AUX 88 to pursue his own solo career, BJ joined his old friend Hamilton, and went on to record some of the group's most notable releases like "Electro/Techno", "Break It Down", and "Is It Man or Machine". The group was also joined by DJ Di'jital as their live DJ, and the group set off on an intense US and European tour, spreading the sounds of Techno Bass music to the world; eventually getting to the point where even MTV was also featuring their videos. After returning home from this amazing experience for all of the members, BJ decided that he wanted to pursue his solo career as well, going on to create "Posatronix".

His first appearance as Posatronix would be on the "Xperience De Bass" compilation on Direct Beat, with the all-time classic "Pure Techno Sound". Direct Beat would later release his first solo EP in 1996, publishing the hit "Shake It" (with assistance from Tommy Hamilton as Executive Producer). The song would later be re-released on the "Techno Bass - The Mission" compilation on Direct Beat, DJ Assault's "Off The Chain For The Y2K" compilation, the "Diamond Grills" compilation by DJ Goon and DJ Koyote, and not long ago, on the "Direct Beat Archives", released in 2009 by Clone.

Into the new millenium, BJ assisted with the production, as well as a Posatronix remix, of the song "Hubble" on Puzzlebox Records in 2003, by the "Metroplex Social Club"; which included Marty Bonds, Keith Tucker, Strand, Tommy Hamilton, and of course, BJ Smith as members. The record also featured mixes by Strand and Optic Nerve.

In 2004, Posatronix released a split EP with "Seq" on Planck Era Records, and in 2005 would see the return of Posatronix, releasing the song "Shake That Thang" on Submerge's "Follow The Leader" compilation. This year, he also released on Tresor's "It's Not Over Yet" compilation, assisting Scan 7 with his song "Over Its Not", playing keyboards, as well as the mixing of the song.

In 2007, Submerge released the song "Condor", on their second volume of their "Follow The Leader" compilations. That year, BJ released his first solo 12" in some time, this one on Cratesavers Muzik, with "Hood Related".

While not having a very big discography under his solo alias, his skills and influence are obvious throughout many of Detroit's most legendary classics of the 90's. Much of this has been very well documented on the new AUX 88 DVD and Blu Ray documentary, which does a great job at telling the real story of Detroit's Techno scene and the influence that all of its members, including BJ Smith, had on the path the music has taken over the years. There is also a brand new tune by Posatronix called "Zentek" that is included in the DVD/Blu Ray pack, and is very much worthwhile checking out!

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Barcelona based Carlos Sicrock; known to some simply as "Pasta" or "Carlitos", is a perfect example of how the Spanish and Catalonian cultures seem to produce such passionate Electro producers. Perhaps you could say it's a bit of a balance between having been right in the middle of the expansion of the sound through the 80's and 90's; as many of the old school and new school artists of international fame have visited the region, not to mention the sound has always had its share of popularity with its people. But also that in some ways they have also been "cut off" from the true epicenters of this music, making them perfect spectators of the sound and culture.

With New York, Los Angeles, Miami and London being hotbeds for this sound and where the majority of the pioneers originated from, to some degree it could be said that aspiring artists and lovers of the sound in Spain and Catalonia couldn't help but observe in amazement as Electro grew to become such a global phenomenon, going on to influence music in general in so many ways, and giving them in particular a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the music that is evident in the productions to come from the region year after year.

Carlos remembers growing up in a large family that was very musically diverse, offering a broad enough palette of listening that everything from the sounds of James Brown to Pink Floyd, passing through Supertramp and Heavy Metal bands like Judas Priest would give him a very open mind to many styles of music. But none would impact him as much as the emerging sounds of Electro. He recalls, saying that: "I started listening to Electro, and from the first moment I was totally hooked. I remember the first time I heard Cybotron; specifically the "Clear" theme, [also] Hashim, Warp 9, Man Parrish, The Jonzun Crew, and Afrika Bambaataa". He goes on to explain of a time when Afrika Bambaataa came to play at the Amnesia club in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Catalonia, and getting a chance to breakdance for him. "When they closed the album, you could break dance for them while they collected the synths and other stuff, they freaked out but I did much more. To think of all the times I had danced to the theme Looking For The Perfect Beat, Planet rock, etc., and now they were the ones congratulating me. It was something of an eternal emotion"

Carlos SicRock would first come into being as an artist, with his debut on Electroclub Barcelona Records with "sicRock Praxis"; a 4 track digital EP that was quite an astounding first release, soulful and delicate, yet fierce and profound in a brooding, very intelligent and enigmatic sorta way. Carlos Sicrock would shortly after follow up on the "Don't Stop The Bass Vol. 5" compilation with the song "Microglobe", and later signed on to German imprint Subsonic Device, where the artist would bring us the single "Termicsic", and the EP "Galactic Nomad And The Grey Walker". Two marvels of sound that catapulted Carlos Sicrock to international recognition on a label that had been making waves for years at this point.

Since then, Carlos Sicrock continues to gain momentum as a devoted Electro artist with a keen sense of how deep this sound can go, and why it's worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears to keep digging. Having released on various compilations like the recent Crobots Vs. Cancer (Dalekovod V6), and the past few Urban Connections installments, not to mention the EP "Estructuras" on rising Spanish Electro label Elektrodos Recordings, we can expect much more in the future as he continues to evolve and grow as an artist. As he explains: "I will continue on the same line trying to produce everything that comes out of my twisted head, as projects I have several pending references that in theory are about to come out".

For now, check out his discography and support this fantastic Catalonian artist! You won't be disappointed. The tunes you will find will bewilder you, and challenge you emotionally and mentally. This is highly sophisticated stuff guys!

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Serbian Electro/Techno wiz Alavux © Alavux official

Hailing from Serbia, Alavux is one of the true purveyors of the Electro/Techno sound in his region of Eastern Europe, where together with the E75 crew, our music has been represented with passion and dedication for well over 20 years. Having recently released the massive vinyl "Octagon EP" on the infamous Bass Agenda Recordings, with support from the likes of Dave Clarke, Alavux continues his quest to annihilate the complacent masses with his unique flavor of fast paced, tenacious Electro sounds that have gained him notoriety all over the world as one of the true Knights of The Roundtable of Electro music.

Born Goran Alavuk in the city of Skopje, Serbia, and growing up in a region that is no stranger to Electronic music, he would eventually find himself gravitating towards the sounds of Mid '90s Acid, Techno and House music; soon enough beginning his own adventure in music production leading to a top 5 spot on his country's national charts with one of his first tracks called "San". Alavuk recalls of his humble beginnings, saying: "I start in '95 on friend's Roland XP 50. Then some experimentations with Fast Tracker 2, and Rebirth 1.5 until '99 when I got my first gear: Roland MC 505, Roland A33 MIDI keyboard and a PC (Celeron 300 mhz)".

As the new century set in, Alavux continued to be one of the heavy supporters of the nascent "3rd wave" of Electro music, though it would be quite some time before he would begin a consistent output of releases, starting off with his signing to legendary Detroit imprint Twilight 76 back in 2008; bringing us "Munze Konza", as well as "E75 Vol. 1" with Kalson, on his collaborative effort with imprint E75. Since then, the artist has enjoyed a plethora of digital releases on labels like Binalog Productions, Toyfriend Music, Vocode, Battery Park Studio, and the list goes on. A busy man without question, and one with a very keen sense for staying ahead of the curve, and without chance of being "put in a box" in regards to any specific style. He is as much a visionary, as much as he is a devout lover of our music and the foundation laid before him by our predecessors.

As for the future, when asked about what he envisions, he replies: "More gear, and of course, more releases!". Which, if his latest monster of a 12" release (his first) on iconic imprint Bass Agenda Recordings is sign of anything, then perhaps it is safe to say that not only is his career maturing gracefully, but he is also getting the respect that he deserves and finally getting his work on vinyl. A veteran of our music in his own right, and an ardent fighter who is helping to spread the sounds of our music to the rest of the world and beyond, Alavux is a machine with no sign of slowing down. Stay tuned, as he is just getting his turbines warmed up, and has much more in store for us. Support!

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