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Easily one of Detroit's most historic and notable record labels, 430 West rose to a place in the music industry that can only be attained by years of hard work and dedication; never letting everyday nuances get in the way of the ultimate goal: to release top quality innovative music that continues to drive our culture forward. Founded by the Burden Brothers in 1990, the label has released not just a wide variety of artists, but also various styles of music. Often considered just a Techno label, the label's beginnings were actually focused equally, if not more, on House music. Such works included releases by artists like Terrence Parker, Random Noise Generation, and Sight Beyond Sight.

The first release on the label was by none other than the Burden brothers as "Octave One", on an E.P. called "Octivation". Following that was Metro D with "What Is A Dancer?", to then have the return of Lenny and Lawrence Burden as "Random Noise Generation". The label continued to release a mixture of Techno and House, until 1994 when it released Aux 88's first album, "Bass Magnetic", marking the beginnings of a new direction that the label would take, releasing a new sound that they came to call "Techno Bass". Of course, the label did not completely gravitate away from Techno and House, it simply expanded their horizons, giving them a new avenue to pursue; eventually seeing the birth of 430's sub-label, "Direct Beat".

Another one of 430 West's very sought after Techno Bass releases was one of Aux 88's side projects called "Alien FM", composed of Tommy Hamilton, Keith Tucker, and BJ Smith. The trio released a self-entitled 2x12 L.P. featuring tracks like Infinity, Journeys, and Art of Illusion. The group only had one more album on 430 West, a CD release called "88 FM", which included some of the tracks that appeared on the Alien FM L.P. Other releases were included in compilation on 430 West, Studio iK7, Direct Beat, Electrofunk Records, Gagarin Music, and Dance Arena Productions.

One of the most unique and perhaps less known artists on 430 West was a duo called "Wild Planet", originally debuting on Warp Records in 1992 and consisting of Simon Hartley and Richie Brook. After their second release, an album called "Blueprint", Simon continued with Wild Planet as a solo project, releasing its first title on 430 called "Synthetic". Wild Planet followed up with the Genetic Remixes E.P. in 1999, following with the act's second album, "Transmitter". Wild Planet has had their tracks also appear on labels like Submerge, Stockholm Records, BPitch Control, to name a few.

Still releasing quality material to this day, 430 West has been and always will be one of the main reasons why Techno and House have continued, and why the sounds of Electro Funk and Bass music survived through so many struggles. Having been the "birthlabel" of some of our music's greatest artists, their open mindedness and ability to see outside of the box proved to be a key to their success, helping to create the sounds of Electro Bass, and giving the world a brand new sound that would over time have such a tremendous influence, that it's effects are still being felt and will be for many years to come.

In the world of underground music, it isn't necessarily wrong for a label or an artist to focus on one style of music, however, versatility can often be the one virtue that truly allows us to fully blossom, giving us the ability to reach a greater audience, thus allowing for a greater impact on society. This is something that the Burden Brothers and 430 West will always be a testament of!

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German label Stonedwave Records is one of those delightful imprints that turn listening to Electro music into a greater experience, not just promoting a certain style, but diving headfirst into the many flavors Electro music has to offer. It's an experience that challenges the mind, and refreshes your perspective on things via intelligent computations that create fascinating worlds to step into as we leave this often dense and uninspiring world behind. 

Founded in 2006 as a successor to Bombtrap Records, Stonedwave has served as the home to artists like Chiptronic, Jochen Heym, EOD, as well as Scottish underground mercenaries Chordata and Soundex Phonetic.

Having started off with the untitled split EP between Chiptronic and Kungfoo, the label gave us a glimpse into the more mechanical, abstract, glitched out themes they would present us, gracefully moving on to records like Jochen Heym's "Sononaut"; a marvel of Electro music, rich with crafty beats and mysterious, otherworldly analog synth programming that reaches into the further depths of the sound. Then we have beautiful music like that of EOD for example, and his record "EAP Tracks", which leads the listener to the realms of artists like Lowfish or Solvent. Playful, soulful, warm, and slightly vintage with a funky Synth-Pop feel that would have anyone grooving along. 

Recently, the label has also released the sinister compilation that is "Restless Breed 3.0", featuring newcomer to the label Sane, as well as Jochen Heym, Chiptronic and Chordata; who also just published her first vinyl output on Stonedwave, with "Masg Of Orahii". A punishing, fierce and relentless attack of aggressive Electro beats, bleeps and dark analogue mastery from one of the true ambassadors of the Scottish Electro sound.

Stay tuned, as Stonedwave Records is in many ways just getting started, preparing this next go-around for the first vinyl output by another one of Scotland's Electro purveyors, the one and only Soundex Phonetic. Introducing "Era"; the artist promises an album undoubtedly eclectic and rich in ingenious productions, and one we for one are quite excited about! 

For now however, if you haven't checked out the rest of the label's music, head on over to their Bandcamp and check out their great collection...you owe it to yourself! Highly recommended label by Electric Kingdom. 

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Launched in 2002, XOX Records has been delivering a slow-paced, but quality driven catalog of music from various Finnish artists; some of who have gone on to become staple names in Electro Bass music, like Blastromen and Sero.

Based in Finland, the label is also parent to the Dub/Minimal/Ambient sub-label "Escape From Synthesis", as well as Acid House sub-label "ProForm Series". Throughout its discography, the label has always focused on releasing 12” vinyl records primarily, but released its digital catalog to the public in 2013.

The label’s first record was by “Laite”, with an EP called “Pain”. This 3 tracker was quite an astounding first release for the label, and showed that just because Finland is a relatively quiet and un-talked about nation, doesn't mean it can't offer a high degree of quality producers and composers, amongst many other things of course. Pounding beats, sinister basslines, mischievous vocals, and brooding melodic arrangements were in abundance all over the productions of this record, setting the stage for what would go on to become one of the great imprints of the later part of the last decade.

XOX returned for their second release, with Blastromen’s debut hit “Robot Agression E.P.”, which was actually released out of order, as it is catalog “XOX003”. Unfortunately the label’s second release was supposed to have been the self-entitled “Sektoid E.P.” by Sektoid, but unfortunately as of yet, there is still no word as to why the release was never published.

In 2006, XOX returned once again with another spectacular debut, this time by the almighty “Sero” with “Megamaid E.P.”. This old school Miami Bass influenced release was a ferocious attack of bass drops, frantic basslines, and playful synthetic tones that seemed to richochet off of one another. The record also featured a remix by the legendary Bass master himself, Bass Junkie, who reworked the original into an extravaganza of booming beats, bringing in an even wider array of old school Miami Bass sample cuts, as well as a style of funk bassline not heard in quite some time. This remix took you back to the late ‘80s/Early ‘90s, as it paid homage to the roots of both of these artists with a perfect rendition of what Old School Miami Bass would have sounded like in 2006.

2 years later, Blastromen’s second EP would come to fruition, as XOX released “Blasteroids”; a mesmerizing 4 tracker on vinyl, full of majestic synth work, deranged cybernetic sound manipulations, and intelligent vocal work. The main song “Blasteroids”, would go on to be released on the very first Streetsounds “Nu Electro” compilation, which featured some of the most legendary artists in our music since the inception of Electro Funk back in the early ‘80s.

A couple years later the label brought us the return of Sero with “Interception System”, which was essentially a remixes EP that included works by DJ Overdose (2 remixes), and Morphology, as well as a bonus beats version by Sero himself. This spectacular release was a relentless attack of punishing rhythms, mystifying synth lines, and dark overtones; all represented in their own unique way, as each artist brought their strengths to the table. Leaving us with one last, but powerful release for some time in what would become a brief hiatus for XOX.

Thankfully in 2014, XOX Records returned once again with the punishing "Game Over E.P.", by Biodread, followed by the remixes EP in 2016, which included works by Sero, Morphology, CRC, KAN3DA, and Luke Eargoggle. Two vinyl masterpieces in their own right which you must absolutely own, and a welcomed return to this fantastic imprint who had left us disappointed that we would never experience releases with such caliber as these two vinyl pieces. Even better news, the label has just released a brand new record, this time a mind-blowing 7" featuring Suiciders and Type 303, with the split EP "Sex Mask/Rub-A-Duck". Don't miss out on this one! Wicked stuff that will surely make your next DJ set epic.

Stay tuned, as it's safe to say that XOX is back in full force, and while the imprint clearly follows a method of quality over quantity, there aren't many that would argue with that approach as it leads us to finding monumental releases time after time. Support the underground!

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