Barbi Castelvi and Mitchell Gomes aka Siviyex © Siviyex

Siviyex is a duo composed of Barbi Castelvi and Mitchell Gomes; two long-time veterans of the Electronic scene, with years behind them working both solo and in collaboration as Syntonics, as well as their label Intellegenix, and featured over the years on other labels such as Twilight 76, Philthtrax, and Radikal/Deep Records for example, here back again with their newest project Siviyex, and their new self-entitled outing on New Orleans based Disko Obscura imprint.

Drawing influence not just from Electro, but from Italo, Shoegaze, and New Wave, the duo embark on an intelligent and highly emotive trip, bringing you 9 new songs of passionate, well crafted Electronic music including the song "Emoshia", which has just been remixed by UK Electro don Diplomat, and available as a free download. Expect Diplomat's masterful production skills to grace this gem of a song with absolute class, and a little bit of that old school attitude!

Siviyex's new release is out now as a very limited vinyl press, as well as on digital formats. The music alone will be more than worth it, but if you want that extra challenge, see if you can decode the message on the front cover made up of symbols of an ancient alphabet. The key is on the back to help you figure it all out.

Also, while everyone stays indoors in the global fight against COVID-19, many are getting creative with ways of staying positive, and perhaps none so much as the DJ's out there, who are working tirelessly to bring entertainment to the people. This March 28th, join Siviyex, Void Vision, and CGW for a virtual reality dance party streaming live from Mid City Studio in Minneapolis, MN.

You can listen to and download the Diplomat remix of "Emoshia" by Siviyex below:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...Dark Vektor during one of his live sets ;) © I. Arnau

Out now on influential Urban Connections netlabel; the Spanish imprint that 'til now had brought you 14 uncompromising, high quality and diverse compilations, featuring the absolute creme de la creme of the Electro scene, is here back again with it's 15th installment that is ready to deploy at your next DJ set or deep Electro listening sesh.

One of the gems on this new compilation, that happens to also feature artists such as DJ Hash, Juno Lazermachine, Kitty Von Maisen, Carlos Sicrock, and Sigma Algebra, is of course, a new tune by Catalonian Electro wiz Dark Vektor, who collaborates with exclusive Urban Connections artist Turbolover on the punishing Electro/Techno jam "2045". A fierce throwback to the days of Direct Beat and early works by artists like Will Web, but fused with that unique, melodic and soothing if not hypnotic vibe that seems to permeate through the Spanish and Catalonian Electro scenes.

Urban Connections XV is out now through the label's Bandcamp and is, as always, free! Don't miss on this or any of their previous collections. Between the versatility of the artists involved, the eclectic nature of the curation of the records, and just the downright visionary musical depth of everyone involved makes the Urban Connection series not only a must have, but a beautiful gift to the scene that has been manifesting itself time and time again for nearly 10 years now. Grab a copy and support the underground!

Listen to "2045" by Dark Vektor feat. Turbolover:

The legendary Carl Finlow © C. Finlow/Discogs

Electro mastermind Carl Finlow hasn't just been as busy as he's ever been lately, but he's also been rapidly evolving his music right under our noses, and quite elegantly and adventurously I might add! If you have heard a few of his previous outings, most notably perhaps his recent vinyl adventure with Telephasycx! (Nonzero!) on Spanish Rator Mute label, then you know exactly what I am talking about. A bit more acidic, faster, heavier, and leaning a bit more towards the Electro Bass style than we have heard from this artist before. Whether as Silicon Scally, Voice Stealer, or just as Carl Finlow.

Back again once again with "Apparatus", which is available now on vinyl as a 2x12" LP, as well as digital through the label's Bandcamp, or Juno Records along with others, Carl Finlow delivers 8 new tunes with exactly that new flavor I speak of that is revolutionizing the sound of the iconic artist, with nearly 30 years under his belt as one of the leading acts in the Electro scene.

Don't miss on this one, it's an absolute must for your next DJ set!

You can listen to previews of Apparatus below:

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