Plant43 is the work of Emile Facey; one of the classiest Electro producers we have seen to date, and someone who has been making a very strong mark on the scene for what has been almost 20 years now.

Releasing on many of the most dedicated labels around like Central Processing Unit, Shipwrec, and Frustrated Funk to name but a few, his sound has evolved so gracefully over the years, it has been an inspiring journey to say the least as record after record seems to raise the bar just a little higher each time. Each one a true timeless masterpiece on its own.

Returning to his own Plant43 imprint for the second time this year after the release of the "Interlinked" vinyl EP, Facey delivers his highly distinctive sound for us once more, traversing a wide spectrum of soothing, uplifting, and at times deeply bewildering Electro that takes you from the heavier club friendly gems like with the first 3 tunes you'll find (including the title track), to the slower tempos and heady vibes of "Concrete Breakers" and "Still Sparks", to engulfing synth orchestrations that are filled with brooding emotion and lush tones; like with the dreamy outro, "Tides Align". A deeply satisfying album from beginning to end! The worlds he is able to conjure through his musical mind is nothing short of enthralling.

Plant43 - Sublunar Tides (2021) © Plant43 Recordings

Plant43's "Sublunar Tides" released officially on November 15th, 2021 as a limited edition red vinyl press and on digital formats as well. You can find copies of the wax via the Plant43 Bandcamp page, or retailers such as Juno in the UK.