Probably one of the most interesting aspects in the history of Electronic Music, has been the influence that has ricocheted back and forth between Detroit and Germany. From Kraftwerk to the Belleville Three (Atkins, Saunderson, and May), and back to Germany again, so much of what has come out of the electronic genre originated from this constant musical dialogue between a city and a nation that share much more than just musical tastes; they are bound in a strange dance of destiny that has not only affected music, but life itself as these two cultures intertwined. One of the most exciting products of this dialogue perhaps, has been the iconic MAS 2008, and their prestigious label "Electronic Corporation".

Originally a project of Renee Kirchner, MAS 2008 was joined in 1999 by now long-time member Ive Muller. With releases dating back to '97 on labels like Twilight 76 and Mikrolux, the onslaught of some of the most complex Techno Bass beats to meet the needle and the speaker has been quite devastating. Ranging from old school beats, to modern Electro Bass music, even delving into some more Synth Pop oriented material, this duo has rightfully gained the reputation of being incredibly versatile at their craft.

Soon after the addition of Ive Muller, "Electronic Corporation" was founded in 2000, and released their first title under a pseudonym named after the label itself. The name of the E.P. was called "N'coded Tracks", and featured the tracks "Illuminate", "Acuatic City", "Elektromechanik", and "Freaks Are Electronic". During the course of the next year or so, the label continued to be a platform for this new project between the members of MAS 2008, something that to the artists was a symbol of their brotherhood, as well as their dedication to the sounds of Electro Bass and Techno.

In 2001, barely completing 2 years as a label and already 5 releases deep, the label would see yet another addition not just to their artist roster, but also to its inner workings: Interfunk. Releasing his debut "Electromagnetic Compatabilities" on Electronic Corporation, the artist would go on to release a few more tracks on the label's "Artificial Material" compilations, as well as a remix for Psyche's "Unveiling The Secret" remixes EP; eventually seeing the birth of his own imprint, "Automatik Datamatik Records".

Over the years, the label has also released other great artists such as Sbassship, and Bastards Of Love; also introducing material from the original project between the founding members as MAS 2008. Most notable of these releases was perhaps Sbassship's "Block Universe", a thundering Techno Bass classic with some of the most hypnotic and unforgiving sounds to date. Raw basslines, powerful beats, and deep and persuasive synth lines, make this record still a very sought after piece of wax.

Unfortunately the label's last release was in 2011, and thus far no mention of a return has been made by any of the founding members. The label will always remain one of the true pillars of the 3rd wave of Electro however, over the years simply focusing on the sound that they believed in and sticking to it. Perhaps what you could call a "quality, not quantity" mentality.

If only more artists in general would follow this type of philosophy, perhaps music as a whole could go back to being a passionate medium, where only what truly meets the highest of standards in production and composition would be in existence.