For thousands of years, mankind has always been on the search for extraterrestrial life outside of our Solar System, finding very little evidence along the way...for the Blastromen, it's an everyday affair! Protected by their fighter shields, they have traveled the galaxies far and wide and our now here on Earth, injecting our planet's magnetic grid with an energy very alien to our way of life.

The Blastromen are probably the most exciting Electro/Techno band to hit the record shelves in recent years. Based in Finland, these two space beings have been delivering some of the most enigmatic yet funky Electro Bass beats to audiences all across the world.

Their first release was an E.P. called "Robot Aggression", on XOX Records in Finland. You may remember XOX's other hit releases like "Sero - Megamaid", and "Laite - Pain E.P.". This first E.P by the Blastromen was Electro genius at its very best. These two producers are incredibly refined in their compositions as well as their programming of abstract sounds and vocoders.

Their latest release, "Blasteroids", continues the saga of the Blastromen, taking things to the next level. Incredibly lush and classically oriented strings, blend with heart-pounding beats and fascinating loops that take you on a wild journey through space and back. The theme track, "Blasteroids", has also recently made it unto the Nu Electro Vol. 1 compilation on Streetsounds Records.

The Blastromen have been an incredible breath of fresh air to this style of music, helping revive the concept of strong compositions and Techno-oriented sequencing. Stay tuned for much more to come from these two amazing producers, because even though not much is known about them now, much will be in the future as they continue to blast dancefloors with their powerful energy and incredible music.