Cybersoul is the brainchild of Kim Cosmik; one of the UK's most devoted female DJ's, and a producer who has spent the last several years honing her skills under labels such as Urban Distortions, Abseits Recordings, and ZwaarteKracht to name but a few.

Presenting the first in a series of hopefully long-running compilations, "Hybrid Collective 001" is a collection of 17 songs from iconic electronic artists such as ADJ, Fleck ESC, The Advent, BPMF, and even Kim Cosmik herself, that continues to build on Cybersoul's discography which began back in 2015, with a nod to the future, and an incredible display of Electro's evolution into this new decade as it continues to blossom into perhaps its most innovative state yet!

Some standouts on this compilation come by way of versatile artists such as Paul Hierophant and his perplexing, finely tuned song called "Precision Agriculture", not to mention Arsonist Recorder and his gritty computation that is "Halftime Tab".

Legendary Myoptik brings in heavy elements of other-worldly vibes, strongly reminiscent of Soul Oddity (Astralwerks), and those spaced out atmospheres that pull you away from reality and into some place else entirely, while Veronica Green somehow flawlessly transitions you back from these alien realms, to a warmer, moodier frequency that still somehow evokes dreams of futuristic bio-domes and lush extra-terrestrial landscapes.

Like mentioned before, there are a total of 17 songs, all together forming a very eclectic, well curated collection of electronic tunes for fans of many walks of life. Hybrid Collective 001 was released October 1st, 2021 in digital formats, and can be found via the label's Bandcamp.