Upcoming JD-08 boutique synthesizer © Roland Corporation

Roland announced today a new addition to its wildly popular boutique series, which is already full of miniature recreations of famed synths from yesteryear like the Juno-6, Jupiter-8, and even the SH-01, now adding one of its most revered synthesizers from the 90's, the JD-800, to this incredibly tiny, but powerful collection of boutique synths.

Released in 1991, and produced until 1996, the JD-800 was a fairly versatile 24-voice digital synthesizer that was used by everyone from Pet Shop Boys, to Rabbit In The Moon, Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, and even Vangelis. Now, it's back for the 21st century with its classic panel almost intact, but with some much welcomed updates like a USB-C audio/MIDI interface, two-part polyphonic sequencer, arpeggiator, expanded memory, new patches, and even external clock input to synchronize to vintage analog gear.

The Roland JD-08 like its predecessors, can run on batteries, includes a built-in speaker, and can be played either from your DAW, a MIDI controller, or Roland's K-25m keyboard dock for the boutiques. It will be available for purchase sometime in January 2022, for a price of around $400.

You can learn more about the JD-08, by watching the video below: