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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Easily one of Detroit's most historic and notable record labels, 430 West rose to a place in the music industry that can only be attained by years of hard work and dedication; never letting everyday nuances get in the way of the ultimate goal: to release top quality innovative music that continues to drive our culture forward. Founded by the Burden Brothers in 1990, the label has released not just a wide variety of artists, but also various styles of music. Often considered just a Techno label, the label's beginnings were actually focused equally, if not more, on House music. Such works included releases by artists like Terrence Parker, Random Noise Generation, and Sight Beyond Sight.

The first release on the label was by none other than the Burden brothers as "Octave One", on an E.P. called "Octivation". Following that was Metro D with "What Is A Dancer?", to then have the return of Lenny and Lawrence Burden as "Random Noise Generation". The label continued to release a mixture of Techno and House, until 1994 when it released Aux 88's first album, "Bass Magnetic", marking the beginnings of a new direction that the label would take, releasing a new sound that they came to call "Techno Bass". Of course, the label did not completely gravitate away from Techno and House, it simply expanded their horizons, giving them a new avenue to pursue; eventually seeing the birth of 430's sub-label, "Direct Beat".

Another one of 430 West's very sought after Techno Bass releases was one of Aux 88's side projects called "Alien FM", composed of Tommy Hamilton, Keith Tucker, and BJ Smith. The trio released a self-entitled 2x12 L.P. featuring tracks like Infinity, Journeys, and Art of Illusion. The group only had one more album on 430 West, a CD release called "88 FM", which included some of the tracks that appeared on the Alien FM L.P. Other releases were included in compilation on 430 West, Studio iK7, Direct Beat, Electrofunk Records, Gagarin Music, and Dance Arena Productions.

One of the most unique and perhaps less known artists on 430 West was a duo called "Wild Planet", originally debuting on Warp Records in 1992 and consisting of Simon Hartley and Richie Brook. After their second release, an album called "Blueprint", Simon continued with Wild Planet as a solo project, releasing its first title on 430 called "Synthetic". Wild Planet followed up with the Genetic Remixes E.P. in 1999, following with the act's second album, "Transmitter". Wild Planet has had their tracks also appear on labels like Submerge, Stockholm Records, BPitch Control, to name a few.

Still releasing quality material to this day, 430 West has been and always will be one of the main reasons why Techno and House have continued, and why the sounds of Electro Funk and Bass music survived through so many struggles. Having been the "birthlabel" of some of our music's greatest artists, their open mindedness and ability to see outside of the box proved to be a key to their success, helping to create the sounds of Electro Bass, and giving the world a brand new sound that would over time have such a tremendous influence, that it's effects are still being felt and will be for many years to come.

In the world of underground music, it isn't necessarily wrong for a label or an artist to focus on one style of music, however, versatility can often be the one virtue that truly allows us to fully blossom, giving us the ability to reach a greater audience, thus allowing for a greater impact on society. This is something that the Burden Brothers and 430 West will always be a testament of!

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