5 Electro Records Out This Month You Should Buy

Updated: Jul 22

Richard Easel - Extererri (2020) © Specimen Records

It's that time again to see what Electro is hitting the shelves on wax currently, so let's check out 5 random selections we thought you would like. This month we found some real gems from artists such as Boris Divider, Richard Easel, Cignol, and a few others. Let's dive in!

Cignol - Past Futures (20/20 Vision)

If you are a devout follower of labels such as Furthur Electronix, Alphabet Records, Lunar Disko, or perhaps Fundamental Records, then you are probably keen to the sounds of Irish mastermind Cignol. Recently signing to Leeds, UK imprint 20:20 Vision, the artist delivers the captivating "Past Futures" vinyl EP.

Featuring 4 new cuts saturated to the brim with warm, mind-bending and acidic tones, lush synth flights, and versatile and alternating Electro and 4x4 rhythms, this new timeless release by Cignol is right up the alley of any lover of nostalgic, old school analog vibes.

Alien FM - Monochromatic Images (Puzzlebox Records)

Many might think it's been too long since we last heard from Alien FM, and they are right if we are to consider the anticipation many fans of the Electro/Techno sound have for this legendary duo composed of Blak Tony and iconic Keith Tucker of Aux 88. But what some may not know is that Alien FM has been steadily making its way back into the scene over the past few years, punctuating their long hiatus by the release of "Large Mechanics" back in 2015.

Back again for 2020, the duo continues to sharpen their futuristic craft into a heavy dose of Sci-Fi Techno Bass that obliterates an already dark year into oblivion with tenacious beats, and envelope pushing programming and production skills that you will find to be absolute top notch still!

Richard Easel - Extererri (Specimen Records)

Hot on the heels of a busy year with releases on Dyonisian Mysteries, A Friend In Need, not to mention Blind Allies with the digital fare "Dʌsky EP", up and coming Electro artist Richard Easel signs to Specimen Records to present "Extererri".

On this crude, devious concoction of malevolent Electro tunes, Easel delivers a versatile take on the darker side of Electro music. From the classy, club smasher that is the title track, to the frantic and eccentric concept of "Smooth Vibrato", all the way to the precise production behind the Datawave and Federico Leocata remixes, this new release out now on Specimen Records on wax and digital is a must have!

Cutting Room - The Night Chemist (Brokntoys)

Coming straight from one of the most unique labels in the contemporary Electro scene, Brokntoys' latest addition by "Cutting Room"; a project composed of Connor Gibson, Eugene Brockmuller, and Cosmo Feltham, signs to the already iconic UK label, 4 tunes of shrewd, menacing, and at times even experimental Electro Breaks, that will catapult you back to late 90's when both Electro and Breaks began to converge in many locales around the world, and created something very special.

Out since the 1st of September, The Night Chemist by Cutting Room is a rare treat for lovers of furious beats and haunting production and sonic experimentation. It will pull apart bit by bit from the get go and it won't let go!

Boris Divider - Likvidatory (Propaganda Moscow)

Last but not least we have one of the most seasoned veterans of the electronic world, a man busy as ever, who also just recently released the "Generative Operations" vinyl series via his own Drivecom Records, back again on Russian "Moscow Progaganda" with the vinyl EP "Likvidatory".

Inspired by Russian themes, Boris Divider marks a productive year with a sound that continues to evolve, and in some ways deconstruct, into some truly ingenious and innovative Electro wizardry. Expect his signature dark overtone behind the veil of it all, driven by his equally signature crisp and punchy beats, but with sonic manipulations and programming that as of late have shown the artist undergoing a very fascinating evolution in sound and approach. "Likvidatory" out now on Moscow Propaganda, is a testament to this evolution. Highly recommended!