5 Electro Records Out This Month You Should Buy

Updated: Jul 14

V/A - Caustic Dance (Brainwaves Switzerland) © Brainwaves/Bandcamp

The vinyl just keeps on coming ladies and gentlemen, and here at Electric Kingdom we couldn't be happier to see just how much our scene continues to blossom each and every day. But what makes us strong isn't the attention that we get from the outside or even here on this dedicated media platform, nor is it the select few acts that seem to harness a great deal of popularity all around the world. It is the undying dedication that we find on the inside of each and every artist, label owner, radio host, etc, who understands within their very being that pushing this music forward is a kinda sacred endeavor that along the way, guards an important piece of music history, while quietly innovating time after time again.

Below we will take a look at 5 current vinyl releases out in April that we thought were particularly interesting, each displaying in their unique manner, the very type of innovation and dedication that permeates the Electro cosmos:

Gary Gritness - The Legend Of Cherenkov Blue (Hypercolor)

Gary Gritness' style has won him notoriety the world over, somehow stradling the lines between modern performance artists such as Dam-Funk, to more studio-oriented acts like the infamous Drexciya, and doing it so well so as to blow audiences away with stage performances that are as equally immaculate to his studio albums.

The legend of Cherenkov Blue is no exception to this, and in this fascinating concept album you will find a plethora of thoughtful soundscapes driven by a dark sense of melancholy and adventurism, as futuristic aesthetics fuse every track together with a heavy dose of funk to get you groovin' along; whether on the dancefloor or your daily whereabouts.

Vin Sol - 808 Tele Funk EP (Jupiter 4 Records)

US-based Electronic Music producer Vin Sol, returns hot on the heels of his Acid House 2xLP "Planet Trash", with "808 Tele Funk EP" on Jupiter 4 Records; brainchild of Buenos Aires via Berlin DJ LOUI.

With this ode to futuristic Electro music, Vin Sol brings in influences from artists such as Mandroid and Bass Junkie, letting loose on the 808's, while mesmerizing the listener with tenacious basslines, and carefully executed, dynamic programming that takes the listener back to the younger days of the 2nd wave of Electro music, where these type of releases appealed to a wider audience by bringing together often subtle influences from different genres. A lot like Electro music now you could say, and why perhaps the scene is seeing so much growth again. Highly recommended vinyl release!

V/A - Caustic Dance (Brainwaves Switzerland)

Swiss label Brainwaves continues to gain momentum, delivering here with "Caustic Dance", a thoughtful and rather nostalgic curation of works by Tout Casser, HTN, Estebhan, Weith and Hermeth. Prepare yourself for this eclectic journey through complex, mind-bending atmospheres that fall upon playful, if not at times haunting sonic landscapes that somehow flow seamlessly between high-energy 4x4 Techno styles, to eerily intelligent, often devious Electro productions that will remind you of artists like Mr. Velcro Fastener, even streaming across the spectrum and through the feelgood energies of old school Acid Electro Breaks. A must have! Very Unique record.

Jauzas The Shining and Foreign Sequence - Talkin' Machines (New Flesh Records)

New Flesh Records, long-time label of Electro and Techno mastermind Umwelt, has been on a non-stop quest over the last few years to secure its position as one of the top labels in this rapidly growing Electro scene, with a massive output of vinyl releases that never stray away from the original mission of delivering the finest Electro vibes to the masses.

With "Talkin' Machines", New Flesh brings together the talents of long-time label artist Jauzas The Shining, with Foreign Sequence (Post Human, Fundamental Records), together pushing forward with uncanny, merciless productions that cut through the veil with sinister synthwork and punishing rhythm programming, that will slowly allure the mind of the listener into a dark and unfriendly space.

Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena (Leisure System Germany)

Dopplereffekt delivered with "Tetrahymena", a slightly different record that infuses their signature raw, colder aesthetics, with the mystique often associated with founding member Gerald Donald's work with the late James Stinson as Drexciya. Originally released back in 2013, this repress is worthy of you checking out if you missed it before!

The songs you'll find show just how much this project has matured over the years, starting out over 20 years ago with a more minimalistic and shrewd approach, over time developing an ingenious ability to create productions that are driven by more mystical, melancholic vibes that take the listener to a far away place full of enigmatic and otherworldly sound manipulations. Amazing record! Not many artists can take credit for having such longevity, and having the courage to grow with time, and with it, grow their musical prowess.