5 Electro Records Out This Month You Should Buy

Updated: Jul 14

Fasme - Stretched World (2020) | © Nocta Numerica

We truly hope everyone is safe out there in these crazy times! While spending more time at home, remember to focus on all the things and people you love more than ever. But for now, how about some deep mind and soul therapy? Here's 5 of what we believe are some of the coolest Electro records out this month, which we are sure you'll agree. Let's take a peek and listen!

Fasme - Stretched World (Nocta Numerica)

If you were keen to the warmly welcomed release by Luxus Varta called "Plastic Time" last year, then you are probably familiar with Nocta Numerica and many of its timeless and eclectic electronic titles by now. Returning with "Stretched World" by Fasme, this beautiful gem is a spectacular journey into soothing, dreamy soundscapes, gleaming with beautiful analog melodies, and a particular nod to the 90's Rave era.

Some of the true standouts here are "Comme Ca la Nuit", and "Carte Sim". The latter a bit influenced by the melancholy of Boards of Canada. A must have!

V/A - Secret rave 005 (Art-Aud Italy)

Speaking of Raves, let's talk about a secret one! Art-Aud Italy has built much of its legacy thus far with its "Secret Rave" compilation series, featuring names like John Selway, DJ Normal and others. Here back again with the 5th installment and seeing the return of John Selway to the label, the record also delivers new tunes by Dawl Sween, Jack Roland, Piezo, and Konx Om Pax, for an even deeper travel back in time to the time when so much of this got started for many of us: the 90's!

Tunes like "Distopia" by Dawl Sween and John Selway's "No Sympathy", are old school Breakbeat anthems at their very best, oozing with incredibly genuine vibes! Mixing in some Electro influences as well, everyone on this record manages to fuse old school nostalgic energies, with futuristic aesthetics to perfection!

Rico Casazza - Purplewave EP (Dyonisian Mysteries)

London-based Electronic composer and producer Rico Casazza; hot on the heels from his "Transmutation" release on Murge Recordings last year, signs to Dyonisian Mysteries label and marks his return with the 'Purplewave EP"; the artist's personal take on deeply driven, and futuristic Electro Bass.

Typically recording 4x4 Techno songs over his career, this carefully concocted Electro release shows the artist's love for the Electro sound with keen vision, crazy amounts of character and personality, and absolutely enigmatic, gorgeous melodies that seep through as the classy beats keep rolling along. A true masterpiece right here!

Force Mass Motion - Lost Cuts Vol. 2 (Lost Cuts)

If you haven't noticed already, this month's vibes are clearly focused, and quite enthusiastically I might add, on the 90's Rave scene, with this track by Force Mass Motion in particular being perhaps the most representative of the kind of jams that were rocking the warehouses and clubs in the Florida region back in the day.

"All I Want Is The Bass" on young imprint Lost Cuts hailing from England, is a new single on the label's "Lost Cuts" series; which also features the classy House tune on the flip side "Justify My Love", here gracing the A side with warm 303's and delicate pads, carried on the back of slower tempo Electro beats, spacey and clean, reminding the listener a bit of early works by artists such as Plastic Man.

V/A - NZ Electro 2020 (Index)

Another new label to join the ranks this year is Index. Here featuring its first release "NZ Electro 2020", the label gathers material from familiar artists Go Nuclear (Bass Agenda), as well as Holk Hogon, Fray Mysterio, DJ PG VG, Amamelia, and Wormfarm, all who inject this vinyl cut with tenacious, intelligent, and curiously emotive if at times not deviant Electro vibes, making this one of those compilations you can use again and again at your next DJ sets. Every single one of these tunes is right up any true Electro lover's alley!