5 Electro Records Out This Month You Should Buy

Updated: Jul 14

ARDB - Mind Drift EP (Geodesic) © Geodesic/Discogs

As we dive into another list of 5 current Electro records out on vinyl we think you should buy, we would like to clarify something before going forward based on some feedback we have received. This list is in no way, shape, or form a "best of" list, nor is it a chart of any kind which proposes better releases above others. It's merely 5 random picks by each of our staff to highlight some of the music out on vinyl in that current month that we find interesting and would like people to hear. You can usually expect these to be on the more obscure side of things, but of course we cannot deny highlighting iconic artists as they further their careers with milestone records that we simply cannot help writing about.

Obviously, with the current high output of vinyl releases out each month, it's impossible to write about them all, but with a personal love and unique taste in Electro music that each of our writers have, we love to express that through this series of articles like we do with everything we write about. In short, we love learning about this music as much as you do, and with our work, we are merely expressing a very subjective love for this music in general, while trying to remain very objective about the labels and artists we write about. We understand we can't please everyone, and so we apologize in advance if somehow it seems as if some artists are overlooked sometimes. We strive to highlight the scene as a whole, but as a small team with only so much time, there are only but so many artists and labels that we can cover at any given time.

With that said, let's get on with it, as this month there are some serious vinyl goodies hitting the bins, so let's take a look at what's out there!

Norwell - New Physics EP (Lobster Theremin Records)

Hailing from Budapest, Balázs Semsei aka Norwell is an eclectic Electro artist with many forms. Whether it's the shrewd, stompy acidic tunes like "Paradox Logic", or the more atmospheric and often beatless like "Base-1", maybe even the mystery and gloom of the title song "New Physics" for example - as if the soundtrack to a robotic takeover after reaching the point of singularity, the tunes found on his new sonic adventure "New Physics EP"; out now on Lobster Theremin Records, is as perfect of a representation of his unique sound as you could possibly get.

A much recommended release by Norwell, but we highly encourage you to seek out all his previous titles as well! You won't regret it.

London Modular Alliance - Precious Materials (Applied Rhythmic Technology US)

London Modular Alliance has become a staple of the local London Electro scene over the years, yet its reach has grown internationally really since the beginning of their quest to leave behind the often uninspiring laptop-based set ups, to promote with true dedication, the growing modular synthesizer scene.

Founded by Pip Williams; an artist who grew to a high degree of popularity during the height of the digital revolution, along with Koova, another name who became known as one of the most innovative of that time period, and of course, Simon Lynch aka Yes Effect (Shameless Toady), this highly-skilled trio of modular enthusiasts has quite an illustrious vinyl catalog already behind them, and here they return once again on US-based Applied Rhythmic Technology with "Precious Materials".

This 4-track EP has all the right stuff: it's tough in its rhythms, and will catapult you straight into space with deeply concocted sounds and melodies, as it welcomes you into a rather uninviting solar system all of its own. But you won't regret it, it's exactly where you'll want to be when the supernova of uncanny talent explodes all around you. Nothing but originality here folks!

ARDB - Mind Drift EP (Geodesic)

Bogdan Ardeleanu (Lisière Collectif) introduces his debut on Geodesic imprint with his new alias "ARDB" and his new EP called "Mind Drift". This spectacular ode to 90's Electro music will remind you of everyone from Will Web to Anthony Rother with such originality yet obvious nostalgia for a time that brought the world of Electro music, most of its heavyweight champions of today.

Embracing you with warm analog tones and pure acid bliss, the crafty Electro beats, sumptuous melodies, mysterious sonic manipulations that sneak out of every corner, and of course, midway through, the surprising drop into absolutely mesmerizing Acid House; which also includes a reworking by Reedale Rise, makes this record a collector's must, and a DJ's next ticking time bomb. Fantastique!

V/A - Machine Funk Is Our Game Vol. 3 (Kraftjerkz)

Kraftjerkz label is a powerhouse of fine, yet obscure Electro artists, running strong since 2007 with a plethora of vinyl releases under its belt. With offerings such as Remora's recent "Symbiotic EP", or earlier titles such as Kid Ginseng's "Gift to Connect" or Yellow Beachballs' "Babak Sabouri EP", Kraftjerkz has been a dedicated force in New York that in many ways, has single-handedly revitalized its local Electro scene that for quite some was basically non-existent.

Returning with the 3rd installment of its "Machine Funk Is Our Game" series, the 3rd vinyl installment features Stallone The Reducer, Weakmassive, Kid Ginseng, Foil, Drakka Noir, and Bookworms, as they all take you in their own unique manner, into lands of mischievous, uncanny Electro tunes oriented for the dancefloor with a heady motif to make you feel and think a little deeper. Expect dark overtones, bassy Electro rhythms, and analog sonic adventurism that flows seamlessly throughout this 12".

Silicon Scally - Skoda Banger (Cultivated Electronics)

Silicon Scally aka Carl Finlow returns to UK imprint Cultivated Electronics with "Skoda Banger EP". Dropping a heavy dose of his signature complex Electro, full of mystique, and alluring sound textures, the UK artist continues his legacy of forward-thinking music with 4 new tunes that play well at home, in the car, or at the clubs.

Silicon Scally has a knack for delivering a perfect balance of heady Electro, with just the right amount of Electro Bass rhythms that will have dancefloors hopping across the globe. A much anticipated return for one of the true masters of the Electro sound, and yet another classic in the bag for powerful label Cultivated Electronics.