5 Electro Records Out This Month You Should Buy

Updated: Jul 14

Galaxian - Coming Up For Air © llian Tape Germany

It's time to take a quick look at 5 random vinyl picks out in the month of October we think you might like. Let's go!

V/A - ARP 002 (Arpege France)

Starting out as a new imprint entering the growing vinyl scene less than a year ago, Arpege France is already demonstrating a strong commitment to releasing genuine, purely ingenious and emotive music. Returning with their 2nd release to date, Arpege France delivers a compilation featuring none other than British via France icon Mr. Carl Finlow...always a welcomed addition!

The record eloquently traverses between spectrums, finding its sweet spot somewhere in contemporary Electro sounds with a strong nod to the west coast sound in the 90's in the USA, and labels such as Spinyl and artists like Mental Blox or Control X. Particularly when thinking of the rare "Liqui-Fly - Hypnotize Me" single that came out in 1997. Deeply curious, but fun, vibrant, and with a slight housey feel at times.

Carl Finlow's masterpiece closes out the record in his stellar signature manner, delivering yet another masterpiece of uncanny Electro. Finlow's music always seems to fuse a perfect balance of strong melodic arrangements, bit thoughtful at times though usually tinged with a sinister touch along the way, while still ferociously pushing forward with programming that seems to always raise the bar just a little higher each time.

Datassette - Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark (Central Processing Unit)

Punishing "Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark" by Datassette, is the newest outing on one of the most prolific Electro labels right now: Central Processing Unit. These 4 new tunes by the UK artist, who also happens to be one of the most prolific names in the modern Electro scene, are a continuation of the kind of talent we have come to witness from Datassette on labels such as Ai Records and Shipwrec.

Not heavily melodic material, instead weaved tightly by carefully executed sound design that morphs into what sounds more like an alien machine language of some kind, keeping the Electro rhythms varied throughout, and utilizing different sources. The production here is also squeaky clean, warm and while challenging on the mind, easy on the ear!

V/A - Apt E Vol. 1 (Apt E)

It's exciting to see all these new, and quite underground labels popping up all over the place. It's a sure tell-tale sign that the vinyl scene is happy and healthy, and if you didn't know, on step to outsell CD's for the first time in decades!

A welcomed addition is none other than American-based label Apt E, who delivers with the first volume in what we hope will be a recurring compilation series, a classy and creative 12" with the likes of Eve Defy, Flora FM, and NoHup. Taking you through a sonic palette that brings in influences from Detroit, glitchy European Electro, and even some of that fast-paced Scottish-styled Electro that takes everything into hyperdrive with mechanical beats and programming, punctuated by dreamy soundscapes, this new outing on wax via Apt E is highly recommended!

Franck Kartell - Science Fiction EP (Between Places)

We all love Franck Kartell's style of Electro! It knows no boundaries it seems, with releases that push the boundaries with unique sound design and arrangements to keep you on your toes, while tantalizing the mind with precise computations. Back again, this time on Solar One sub-label Between Places, Franck Kartell drops a release that is a switch in direction in some ways, and one that will be warmly welcomed.

With the Science Fiction EP, the French artist tones things down a bit from previous sonic attacks, delivering smooth, captivating dreamscapes driven by slower tempos, and thoughtful melodies. From the Jean-Michel Jarre inspired intro, to songs like "Heartbeats From Outerspace"; which is a bit like some of Scape One's later material, what you will find here is a majestic collection of beautiful, deeply crafted tunes that will dig deep into you while you surrender to the mesmerizing energies. Absolute must have!

Galaxian - Coming Up For Air (Ilian Tape Germany)

Galaxian has become one of the most interesting Electro artists to watch for over the years. With releases spanning the past decade on labels like Return To Disorder, Transient Force, Shipwrec, and Last Known Trajectory, his soulful, adventurous and downright spaced out form of Electro has left crowds around the world speechless.

With "Coming Up For Air", out now on German "Ilian Tape" label, we see the artist continue his legacy of mindful yet bold Electro tunes, bathed in rich pads, and alluring compositions that twist and turn in ways that are just as tenacious as they are delicate. A serious journey into spaces familiar, yet at times desolate and unexplored, pushed forward by a slight sense of mischievousness that comes through ever so playfully. Lovely record!