5 Electro Records Out This Month You Should Buy

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

VC 118A - Spiritual Machines (2021) | © Delsin

It's time to check out that vinyl, and see what's new in the world of Electro music this month. Seems the bins are filling up a little earlier lately, which only means we get to dig in even sooner! Let's listen.

Konerytmi - Happolaatikko EP (Electro Music Coalition)

Russian imprint Electro Music Coalition has been one of the finest and most dedicated Electro labels around since its inception back in 2011. Releasing some fairly well known names by now like Lectromagnetique, and Dr. Floyd, the label's catalog has also grown a lot over the years, adding one more to the list with their newest EP by one of the label's more active members, Kirill Junolainen, who is also known as Juno Lazermachine and Lazer Kontinent.

Introducing the artist's newest project to date called Konerytmi, the label delivers with the "Happolaatikko EP", 6 enticing new Electro tunes ranging from the soothing, melodic and dreamy, to the tenacious and acid bathed 303 club bangers. Music with soul, versatility and tons of character to spare. Just check out the tune "Meripihka" and you'll see what we mean!

CVSO - Garden Scene (Katalog)

One of the most exciting things about this resurgence in vinyl over the past several years, has been the proliferation of so many new labels all over the world, which of course leads to so much fresh new talent that we get to discover as well.

Enter new imprint "Katalog", who hits the ground running with a really fantastic new release by talented CVSO; previously heard on the "Basic Cuts" 12" EP on Cheesy Crust Records out of Hamburg. This incredibly innovative and heartfelt release is like a beautiful fusion between Carl Finlow's earlier works, and Depeche Mode, weaving it all around this very unique and reflective vibe that seeps through the cracks in every song to elevate your mood, and transcend your consciousness into what feels like a vast ocean of sound waiting...no begging, to be explored!

VC 118A - Spiritual Machines (Delsin)

Amsterdam-based Delsin label has been around ever since 1996, when it first kicked off what would become an extensive catalog of influential artists such as Future Beat Alliance, Optic Nerve, Claro Intelecto, and Delta Funktionen to name but a few.

Returning for the third time to the label, VC 118A (Multicast Dynamics) delivers with "Spiritual Machines", a mystical journey into an expansive soundscape of alluring pads, mysterious melodies, and hypnotic sonic effects that sound as if field recorded in a jungle on some distant planet. Deeply complex, soothing, but eerily captivating to the point of giving you goosebumps at times. This one is out on a double LP, ensuring giving you a long listening session that will satisfy you from beginning to end.

Amygdala - Solanaceae (YLGR Recordings)

Swiss up and coming artist Amygdala; the work of DJ/Producer Anissa Todesco, signs on to young YLGR Recordings to present the label's second installment so far, this one titled "Solanaceae". These 4 tunes offer pure electronic tenacity, bringing in elements from different electronic genres, but focusing most perhaps on the sub-genre of Electro Breaks. A sound that was quite popular in the 90's, and pushed by artists such as Transparent Sound with their early works, and a bit later, EVAC (Napzzz Music) along many others.

Vibrant and innovative sequence programming will challenge you every step of the way on this record, flawlessly taking you through the corridors of Amygdala's imaginative and innovative musical mind, with versatile and often frantic rhythms and an overall psychedelic vibe that makes this one a very fun listening experience. A great record for those early morning hours!

Mariiin - Stuck In Town (Holding Hands Submerged)

UK label Holding Hands, responsible already for a plethora of releases by artists such as Bushwacka!, Adam Pits, and Desert Sound Colony, returns once again with a new release by Mariiin, titled "Stuck In Town". This is another release that seems to somehow harken back to the 90's electronic sound, a time when the boundaries between genres were a bit less obvious, and because of this open mindedness in composition, the songs that were created were not only timeless, but absolutely rich with unique and explorative sound design that could draw in listeners from all walks of life.

This particular record has a really good balance between the more fluid Electro beats, old school Breaks, and even some good ol' 4x4 thrown in for good measure. At times things will get a bit mysterious, often focused on the heady elements, leading you as you listen deeper into even darker worlds full of brooding melodic elements that begin to show the artist's more mischievous side. This record is an instant classic for those with the nostalgia to recognize why that would be the case. Highly recommended!