5 Electro Records Out This Month You Should Buy

Updated: Jul 14

The Exaltics feat. The Egyptian Lover - Exodus EP (2019)

It's truly heartwarming to go to Juno Records or Bandcamp these days, and not just see the plethora of amazing Electro vinyl releases hitting the shelves month after month, but that when you click on the "Electro" section of these stores, you get...Electro! That's right, nothing else. As for Beatport? Well, they just don't seem to get it I guess. Sad to say.

Times have changed indeed, and our music does seem to have come back to its place in the music industry, continuously gaining international mainstream attention, with many releases and artists continuously talked about on major publications such as DJ Mag or Xlr8r, even having gone as far as having its own publication that focuses 110% on the sound and nothing but the sound.

It should be pointed out that one thing that is very noticeable all around though, and I believe this actually reinforces people's curiosity for the Electro sound, is how popular 80's inspired retro Synthwave music seems to be these days. So many memories of being a kid just come rushing in with such a feeling of excitement and inspiration. Truly great times to be alive.

Here we are gonna talk about 5 vinyl records out this month we really think you should consider buying. Something we will continue to do so monthly from this point on, so let's see what's out on wax!

Jensen Interceptor/Assembler Code - Upper Function EP (LKR)

What can we say, Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code are all the rage these days! It's been a while since we have seen such consistent output, and this duo is definitely conquering the airwaves and dancefloors across the globe, catching a great deal of media attention as well. See it's not just Stingray and Helena Hauff representing anymore, these 2 Australian artists are now considered at the top in the Electro genre, together a duo that always delivers wildly thematic productions, complex with highly methodic glitchy sequencing, moody pads, and never with a shortage of pounding Electro beats.

24KS/NDSOMEWARE - E2E 01 (Endtoend)

European Collective Endtoend debuts with an offering from 24KS and NDSOMEWARE on this beautiful clear vinyl slab featuring 3 cuts of pure analog joy. From the melodic, intelligent vibes of "A Better Tomorrow", and its influences of artists like Wild Planet, to the New School Breaks gem that is "Liquid Love", and its gleaming arrangements of hauntingly beautiful lullabies. This new vinyl is a must have. Not all Electro, but extremely good record. The one Electro track alone, along with the nostalgic vibes are worth every penny.

The Exaltics feat. The Egyptian Lover - Exodus EP (Solar One Music)

Another Electro project that is all the rage these days is The Exaltics. Having debuted back in 2007 with the innovative "10 Million Light Years" USB stick album (this was back when nobody had done this), Robert Witschakowski's explorative vision, both with his music and with his influence over Solar One Music; a label he helped found, has made him a trailblazer of sorts, pushing the boundaries of imagination with Electro music well past the typical cliche that once dominated the scene, and people's obsession with robots.

With Exodus EP, The Exaltics continue marching forward in the epic conquest of the complete take-over of Earth via their alien transmissions, aided by none other than the grand wizard of Electro, The Egyptian Lover. Expect the signature Detroit-inspired fast paced Electro/Techno we are accustomed to hearing from The Exaltics, but more relentless, darker, and intimidating with the unique vibes that Egypt introduces to the The Exaltics' music.

A bit of an unexpected collaboration, given how opposite one would consider these artists to be, yet it seems that even with pure uncut Detroit Electro/Techno, The Egyptian Lover will still throw it down as full of energy as ever, but putting him through the filter of that unique vibe from tha' D, influenced so much by forms of dancing like the Jit.

RX-101 - Dopamine (Suction Records)

RX-101 returns with the beautiful "Dopamine" album. This gem is an eclectic dive into a pool of warm, analog tones, where sumptuous pads and classic Electro beats move along the profound arrangements found here. Such a profoundly artistic project, oozing with colorful, playful, at times melancholic energies that will transcend into wide open sonic realms for your consciousness to fall upon.

Illektrolab - Heavy Hitter (Advanced Robotiks)

Illektrolab, a name we have all come to love over the years, debuting back in '07 with the infamous "System Check" EP on Satamile Records, as well as his most sought after release to date: Advanced Robotiks E.P; on his very own imprint by the same name nonetheless, is back again after several years with the "Heavy Hitter" vinyl EP, reviving his once very promising venture that ultimately only had one release for many years due to uncontrollable economic conditions during that time in the nation, that lead to the closing of many labels and distributors.

However, it's really great to see the label return now that record store shelves are filling up with wax faster than they can stock it, and that its mastermind, the heavy hitter himself, Illektrolab, return to the scene full force as well, with that uncanny warehouse, bass-heavy approach that has gained him tremendous notoriety across the world. Expect his signature club shakin' sound on this one, but deeper, more profound, guided with precision like a heat-seeking missile. Beware!

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