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96 Back - Excitable, Girl

96 Back's "Excitable, Girl" 2x12"/digital release is set to cart wheel onto Electro dance floors and home listening platters on March 1st!

With this 2nd album on Central Processing Unit, 96 Back aka Evan Majumdar-Swift, draws on his thoroughbred Sheffield electronic heritage, to create a diverse collection of Electro music not often heard. The album exudes a confidence that elevates each track to more than just a collection of synchronized sounds.

I'm Lost

As if to reach out into space seeking for a solid state to ping, the first track slowly probes the senses with soft keys, sonaristic sweeps, bass drops and distorted alien vocal patterns. A grand intro to this twelve track LP!


Aw, I see... a Matryoshka! A doll inside a doll, inside a doll, inside a doll. A perfect name for the tune that reveals itself quickly as a 4x4 Electro banger, filled with masterful intertwining arps, bass and spacey synth work. This is a long song that must be undone measure by measure like a Matryoshka doll, demonstrating the vision and depth of the artist.

Excited, Boy

A crescendo of keys propel the listener into another 4x4 Electro offering. More liquid and sunny than Matryoshka, "Excited, Boy" invites close attention with its musical intricacies and shifting beat patterns.

Ghzel Tea

An extraordinarily bright violet spotlight sweeps across your vision as it traverses a three hundred and sixty degree path. In the brief moment it travels out of your direct line of sight, your eyes adjust and you see a sleek saucer-like craft centered in the crater at your feet. A voice in your mind says "Ghzel Tea".

Lezi ft. Happa

For the sit down after a long day in the world, this one has the tone of a soothing warmth. Bass tones play with juggling sounds of drums and keys in the midst of an aquatic-like environment. The track feels open ended, leaving you wondering if there is more out there just around the corner.


A solid straight forward Electro tune with fluxing baselines that give way to more layering of sounds than we've heard yet on this release. There is no moment in the song that is not changing, moving and pushing the boundaries of offbeat music.

96 Back - Excitable, Girl © Central Processing Unit/Bandcamp


Lose yourself in the Electro beats and key work on this track. 96 Back shows his mastery of the piano sound here with interlacing tracks of playful keyboarding. Just when the pattern is realized, a new voice shines in the mist of electronic sounds.


No intro on this one, the beats get right to work doing what they do. But, the main attraction continues to be 96's manipulation of the musical scale. The third proper Electro tune in a row, the middle ground of this LP is fertile fray for dance floors around the world, and there's more to come!

Celsius Loss

If we lost Celsius, does that mean the rest of the metric system is gone too? Where would Celsius get lost to anyway? Maybe I'm reading too much into it and it simply means cold, like the slicing synth notes that rip the air on "Celsius Loss." I'm not too sure about the title of this tune, but I do know it is a signature representation of strong Electro.


"Seize the present; trust tomorrow as little as you may" translated loosely from Carpe diem, characterizes the feeling of this 10th track with its unpredictable drums and high pitched escalating arpeggios.

Excitable, Girl

The title track is not often toward the end of a release, but the artist lets the other tracks shine before synthesizing this upbeat tune. The minor notes materialize near the end, making you wonder if the track is as upbeat as you'd first thought.

Vennsate Reprise

Just a little reverb on a piano really enhances the effectiveness of finely placed notes on your consciousness. The outro is as alien as the first track, but after a close listen to the LP again, this track really highlights the depth of the artist's production talent all in one place.

Look for this 2x12" LP on record store shelves March 1st. Digital outlets will be carrying the release that same day for worldwide distribution at light speed!


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