Japanese Electro Bass producer Yosuke Ikeda, aka AE35, has been a prevalent force in the small, but highly talented Japanese Electro scene, with releases on iconic labels like FdB Recordings, and Crobot Muzik.

Ikeda began to get into Electro Bass around the year 1998, after growing tired of many years of Techno and stumbling upon Westbam's "Electric Kingdom", and Anthony Rother's "Trans-Europa Express" in the city of Shubiya, and becoming as he says "completely addicted to Electro". Yosuke would soon go on to start the only Electro Bass party in Japan with fellow crew members Yoshihiro Hayashi, STX and Ayup1ko, called "Tokyo Electro Beat Park"; which led to the eventual founding of the label "Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings", and subsequent release of all the artists' debut on the "Tokyo Electro Beat Box" compilation in 2004.

AE35 returned once again in 2005 on the second volume of the Beatbox compilation series, with "Samurai Sword Sharpness", alongside the original members of the first compilation. On this year, the label also released the "Tokyo Electro Beatbox Vol. 1 Megamix", which was published on Cd-r and was a collaboration between all the founding members, as well as a bonus track by Ayup1ko, called "Theme Of TEBG".

AE35's big moment came in 2007, when he signed to the growing FdB Recordings, releasing the marvelous "Electric Sunrise E.P." on 12", which included 4 tracks of twisted Electro Bass mayhem. Forward thinking and very abstract programming, along with impeccable production left the community quite impressed by the works of the artist, giving him an incredibly wide range of exposure to fans all across the world whose sights were now set on Japan.

After having his song "Loopback Machine" featured on Cal Alex's "Miami Basics" 2xCD compilation mix on Alcyone Records, AE35 took a small break due to what he claims was some inactivity in the local scene in between 2008, and his return in 2012 on Crobot Muzik's "Dalekovod 4". Featuring the song "Brutal Man", the artist continued an upswing in the evolution of his production skills, just in time for a scene that in many ways was beginning to blossom again, as the disparities between poor vinyl record sales, and an emerging digital market began to balance themselves.

Since then, AE35 continues to rise as a heavy contender in the scene, founding his mighty digital imprint "Anti-Gravity Device" in 2014, and releasing overall a wide array of releases not just on the newly founded label, but also on other outfits around the world such as Bass Agenda (Touched Bass), Nekron Records, Battery Park Studio, Crobot Muzik, and many others. Stay tuned for much more!

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