As one of the most exciting acts to come to the spotlight over the last several years, GROW continues to unleash a very unique sound to the masses, with his incredibly powerful, dark, and experimental Miami styled Electro Bass. Ultrasonic bass drops, intelligent edits, mesmerizing synth lines, and industrial vocals are just a few of things to notice about his music that stand out as being extraordinary. The conscious themes that are also seen throughout his releases, albeit subtle and within the obviously quirky persona that seems to make up what GROW is all about, shows that this artist is doing all of this for a reason that hints at something much deeper.

As founder of the now infamous label CHP Recordings, founded back in 2007, GROW made his debut with the fantastic 12" EP "Electronic Milk". This 3 tracker featured 2 originals, “Electronic Milk”, and “My Robot Kicked Your Baby’s Ass”, as well as a remix by another veteran of the Florida scene, BFX. Sinister vocals, wicked basslines, ingenious drum edits, and an arrangement of mind-warping sound manipulations left you in the dust wondering what, or who, just hit you.

Two years later, GROW and CHP returned with the Infinity EP, featuring Rhoan Descartes, and offering you 2 remixes, plus the original version. This record showcased one of the distinct characteristics that make GROW stand out from the crowd, and that is the strong emphasis on bringing in elements of the Dubstep genre, but re-branding it into something that is perhaps what the genre should have always been: intelligent, innovative, and willing to go beyond boundaries.

2010 would prove to be the year that would truly bring GROW to the spotlight, and setting in stone once and for all that this artist was here to stay. Releasing on a variety of compilation releases like "Mourning Sickness" on Devine Disorder, and "Dalekovod Vol. 3" on Crobot Muzik, as well as releasing his iconic album "Calculating Immortality", GROW set the bar very high not just for Florida producers, but everyone all around the world with his uncanny skill and broad sighted vision of what the future of our music could be.

After much success, 2011 began to bear many fruits for GROW, receiving plaudits from many producers in the genre, and being offered the opportunity to put his signature on the great many works that would come out this year. Kicking things of for the year was GROW's remix of Ministry's "Psalm 69", which was soon followed by an original works by the artist called "We Are The Annunaki". The single reflected a year or so of much talk of Ancient Aliens having visited earth, primarily in Sumeria, and it expressed this in such a clever and intelligent way. The mood of the song was probably one of the most interesting things, as it seemed to convey different feelings all at once in a fairly eccentric way. A couple of other goodies to follow on the heels of the latter were his remixes for R21’s “Minimum”, as well as N-ter’s “This Is My Life”, which was released on Subsonic Device.

Closing things out for 2011, GROW collaborated with one of the UK’s finest newcomers “R21”, with their single “Lord Of Time”, on CHP Recordings. This unique release was a very innovative step forward for our music, a style that is not very lyrical, offering exactly that...lyrics! Think, Skinny Puppy meets Depeche Mode, who decide to sit down with Carl Finlow for a session of pure magic.

Since then, GROW continues work primarily as his collaboration with Ryan Phillips from Code Rising, called "Ohverclock"; a duo that has been making its rounds consistently, not long ago publishing a fine red disc 12" on Electro Empire Records called "Rezonation", catapulting them to international success, and leaving crowds speechless with a sound that is ever-evolving and always in its own unique way, innovating upon the Electro Bass sound. Stay tuned for more.


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