A Brief Look at the U.D.O. Super 6 Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synthesizer

Prototype of a classic in the making! © U.D.O.

U.D.O. founder and synth designer George Hearn, the man behind the iconic Modal 008 synthesizer, has been quietly working on what may honestly be the best sounding synthesizer since the inception of one of the most revered of analog synths: the Juno-106.

Dubbed the "Super 6", this 12-voice hybrid synthesizer takes the approach of using DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) to drive the oscillators' "Super-Wave" technology, routing the signal into an SSM-based analog filter. Each voice can have its own set of modulation parameters which makes it quite powerful, giving you plenty of routing and destination options as well via a classic button style that by in large reminds me a lot of the Roland Juno. Even the envelopes and other parameters employ the classic sliders like on the Juno, which are actually quite intuitive, especially for envelope generators. Other features we know so far include an Arpeggiator and Sequencer, and even the ability to load your own waves into the synth and turn the Super 6 into Wavetable synthesizer.

Everything is on the front panel, so there is no menu diving here. As Hearn stated in a short interview with Sonic State at Superbooth 2019: "This synth is really about being hands on, so everything is right there, everything should sound good, and you shouldn't really even need to know what you are doing to basically make everything sound great with this instrument".

And indeed Hearn is right that this machine sounds absolutely amazing, and has a character you probably haven't heard before. We are very excited about it's future release, which should be sometime soon, but please keep in mind that what you are seeing is still in prototype phase.

Without going any further however, we will let the one and only George Hearn do the explaining, and this magnificent synth do the real talking!

Please take a moment to watch the video below and experience the sound of the Super 6 for yourself.