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A Conversation With Paris The Black Fu: The Detroit Artist Talks About New Release "The Vision"

Updated: Feb 18

Paris The Black Fu © M. Gowdy Jr.

Paris The Black Fu, real name Mack Goudy, Jr., is a founding member of the Detroit Grand Pubahs, who are best known for their 2000 Techno hit "Sandwiches." Paris began DJ'ing in his teens, influenced early on by Jeff Mills shows played on the radio in Detroit. After the success of the Pubahs, Paris went on to release many solo projects and remixes on labels like Poker Flat Recordings, Klap Klap, and Systematic. Recently, he has teamed up with Luxus Varta (Shipwrec, Solar One) on a new project called "Techmarine Bottom Feeders".

Last month I reviewed the new release by the Electro duo titled "The Vision", and so I reached out to Paris to get some more info on this unique and ongoing project. Let's take a minute to see what he's been up to with Luxus, and what he thinks his funniest track ever was.

Lb.IP: How's it going? What are you up to today?

Paris The Black Fu: Not bad at all, thanks for asking. I’m chasing my soon to be 3 year old son around. Cooking, cleaning, tinkering in the studio, more cooking and cleaning, watching tutorial videos on animation, and cooking and cleaning pretty much sums it up!

You have this new project going with Luxus Varta, "Techmarine Bottom Feeders", but we first heard you on his EP "Plastic Time"; released earlier this year. How did you guys first meet up?

We met in about 2004 or '05, just after I moved to Geneva. He was working in a music shop just around the corner from my apartment. I was looking for CD's and DVD's. I can’t remember if he recognized me from DGP, or if I actually reminded him and asked for a discount. But in either case, we established a friendship through our love of music and gear. I really want to get that new Moog One and some new monitors!!!

When did you first conceive this latest project, Techmarine Bottom Feeders?

Techmarine Bottom Feeders has been in the works for years. Even before DGP, I had the idea but had no idea how to realize it, nor the equipment or knowhow to get it out of my head and unto vinyl at the time. I also have two other projects that are associated with TBF, the AACRBF, and the Children of Radiation, which hopefully will be introduced in the upcoming releases.

Techmarine Bottom Feeders - The Vision (2019) | © EPM Music

What's it like to have a project you've thought of for so long finally come into being?

I’m glad you asked. It’s been a real arduous journey getting this project realized. I was struggling with the Pubahs, in terms of really not being all that confident with what I was releasing. I knew my mixing skills were nil and needed to hone them. My knowledge of synthesis was elementary if anything. I guess you can say that I didn’t have the confidence to release another project, when the one I was known for wasn’t all that great; in my own opinion, and I’m sure others would agree. I knew I had to do better, so I stopped and walked away for a while to take the pressure off myself by listening and

learning. Now, I can say with confidence that I’m…OK.

As an artist, how do you keep different concepts compartmentalized? For instance, the Pubahs and TBF have totally different sounds. Is it hard to keep those ideas from overlapping?

For me everything has a concept, and to keep them separate, they have to be joined in some way, to a certain degree, if that makes sense. For me the link is the Black Fu. Black Fu is in the DGP, the TBF, the Children of Radiation and the AACRBF. I just put it in my mind that the Black Fu is going to be featured on any one of these projects, and so the music dictates the mood, feel and subject matter of the vocals.

The first track on The Vision, "We Cannot Help You", references "the weapon". What sort of weapon are the Techmarine Bottom Feeders offering and to whom?

Well, funny you should ask. The “weapon” is actually given to someone in the US Military by

someone from the AACRBF to use against the Techmarine Bottom Feeders. The weapon is a device that manipulates the molecules in the air changing the density, level of humidity, temperature, and so forth. They plan to use it on the TBF but they, the Military, lost the Lens Gateway that would lead them to the instructions on how to build it and use it. So the AACRBF are penalizing them for their ignorance and admitting to their own arrogance in underestimating the TBF.

I see "The Vision" has clear Sci-Fi influences. Can we expect that vibe to continue with some of the upcoming TBF releases?

ABSOLUTELY!!! The whole idea of this project is to open up my experimental, Sci-Fi, cinematic side a bit more. I really love Sci-Fi, good Sci-Fi, whether it be in film, music, or literature, and want to explore that side of myself, for myself.

...I stopped and walked away for a while to take the pressure off myself by listening and learning. Now, I can say with confidence that I’m…OK!

What's the Techmarine Bottom Feeder Catalog going to look like a year from now?

Well, hopefully several releases with more DOPE remixes from other artists I admire and listen to, and another album with some videos perhaps. I’d love to create some videos to accompany the tracks to give people more of an idea as to what the songs/tracks are about.

Are you guys planning a TBF tour?

Not sure yet. We haven’t discussed that as of yet. If we did however, I’d really want to make a production out of it, with videos and lots of visuals. Obviously, we are nowhere near that prestige but once again, I’ve got to use my imagination.

Anything else you'd like to tell the readers about TBF's coming projects?

Yeah, the album and be ready for more dope remixes from the like of DaDub, Cristian Vogel,

Ectomorph, and Aux 88!!! We’ve been really fortunate to get these guys to do remixes for us. We’re excited to get them out into the world!

If you don't mind, let's switch gears for a couple final questions and get caught up on some of your past work.

Besides Sci-Fi, you mentioned on another interview you like to use humor in your music. To you, what is the funniest lyric/song you've ever written?

That’s another good question. I’ve never thought about it, but I’d say it would have to be from "Sandwiches".

Yeah, I checked in on that tune for this interview the other day and that's a good one. How about this...I was watching something last week about Detroit's charged up party scene of the late eighties and nineties, how did that scene help shape DGP's music?

To be honest with you, the party scene really didn’t have much influence on the music, but the artists and the music did. Listening to artists like Drexciya, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Dopplereffekt, DJ Godfather, The Advent, Model 500, Cybotron, had a huge impact on my desire to create. If this project sounds like any of them, it’s not that we’re trying to mimic or copy them but out of sheer influence.

"Sandwiches" is an electronic music classic. Do you think songs like that, and some of your other Pubahs work, with its sexed out lyrics and song titles would fly today in 2019?

Lyrically, absolutely. But as far as the production side goes, I’m not sure.

Fans want to know: Oliver Way and you are both out releasing solo side projects. Is there a chance you guys will release more Detroit Grand Pubahs tunes anytime soon?

Yes! We are working on tracks now. I really had to get my head in the right place and be more convinced by my production in order to be more convincing.

Thanks for the great interview. Have a good one!

My pleasure!

Interviewed by: Lb.IP