A Credible Eye Witness & Ghostride - Stellar Tunes

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

From his secret studio in Roma, introducing a fresh partnership with Ghost Ride that propels a new aesthetic and technique identity to his project, A Credible Eye Witness proudly presents "Stellar Tunes"; another must have EP of his trademark full of surprises. Emilio Urbano is quite familiar with successful artistic collaboration, having teamed up in the past with excellent compatriot Alessandro Ferranti aka DJ Say, and UK don Carl Finlow.

Along side with Ghost Ride, the founder of ACEW delivers four dancefloor tracks of pure Electro madness, taking place in hostile landscapes far away in the galaxy, textured with European noir Electro tones, and US funk. But this is not to say "Stellar Tunes" is particularly loud. Although classic in terms of music constructions, the 12” brilliantly combines abstract sounds and structural elements that underline the mastery of Emilio in numerous domains in creating original and complex atmospheres or rhythms.

Opener "Sound Odyssey" focuses on Detroitish melodies and synth swirls bringing depth to a track based upon heading acidic loops, over a solid syncopated rhythm. What an introduction! Maybe an evocation of what happens in Italy, “Political Collapse”, instantly following, serves up a groovy yet dark tune made of early 90’s piano strings and synth pop layers tinted with experimental sororities. Ace!

On the flipside, emotional "Purple Sky", my favorite, offers a no nonsense cosmic Electro mayhem built upon aerial melodies twisted into funky analog distortions. A real winner!

Finally, the epic Space journey ends on psychedelic "Obsidian", a milestone of a cut where hammering patterns lead the way to the EP’s most energetic track, a no return acid trip to Mars!

Even after two decades in the music business, discrete Emilio Urbano remains an outsider in the electro scene. Yet, he has written some of the most essential 12” (ACEW 01 & 02) over the last 10 years. With “Stellar Tunes”, the Italian moves on a bit from his first dancefloor productions to inject more funk into his sound. Excellent Electro all the way, you will pray for more!

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