A Credible Eye Witness - Taj Mahal

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

If you have followed my reviews for a long time, you know how much I enjoy Emilio Urbano’s music! Author of classic Electro hits such as “Access Denied", or “Episode 1”, one of my favorite Italian producers returns to his own ACEW (A Credible Eye Witness) imprint to deliver his sixth EP to date, titled “Taj Mahal”.

Written with long time partner Alessandro Ferranti aka Dj SaY hailing from Rome (Attic Music, Mental Groove Records, Memoriesofstories), A side of the 12” opens with “Gravity Dance”, a milestone of a funky syncopated track based upon swirls of insane modulations, intricate vocals taken from an obscure movie and cybernetic tones. Top notch!

“Storm Attack” coming next sounds like a more minimalistic affair and gathers all the components you would expect of an epic track. A relentless 808 line makes its way through textured yet bubbling sororities, while a hypnotic Electro melody delivers its infectious high-quality vintage atmosphere. From A to Z, this tune is a killer and witnesses of the prolific association between two awesome producers.

Emilio returns on the flipside, this time solo on command of the title track. Future classic “Taj Mahal” signs a dramatic gem characterized by deeply crafted Electro Bass beats and dark synth layers, with that famous ACEW flavor. A pure dancefloor mayhem constantly evolving and an irresistible invitation to put you in a circle.

I seriously recommend you check out Emilio’s other tracks, available only for now in digital format on his Bandcamp page. And hey... who knows, “Gravity Dance”, “Storm Attack” and “Taj Mahal” were available in digital as well before they came out in vinyl (and now they are only available in vinyl). A must have 12” in my opinion!