AAAA - Jazz D

Unlike its title could let us figure out, the “Jazz D” EP is closer to the Electronica register, than the musical genre born in New Orleans and Saint-Louis early in the 19th century! Written by an emerging artist from Mexico, the EP sounds like one of the best slices of plastic ever released on Omnidisc; the Electro imprint run by infamous Danny Daze.

As an artist constantly connected to the sound exploration, enigmatic AAAA introduces here a must have four tracker, where he presents a renewed aesthetic and technique identity. The “Jazz D” EP follows AAAA’s debut album in 2014 on Maligna, and two brilliant 12" releases respectively in 2016 and 2017 on Drvg Cvltvre’s label New York Haunted, then Jack Dept.

A side kicks off with rich “New Age Crusade”, a milestone of a soulful Electro cut characterized by dark synth laments over hypnotizing and pounding beats. Tortured modulations enhanced by electrifying distortions mute the track into a complex and much anticipated anthem.

“Acid Derrier” coming next brings light and hope. Built upon French words (“Devant”, Derrière, “Autour”, “Au Centre”, “Dehors”...) spelled by a female voice, the song offers a relaxing journey through sweet and warm landscapes. Lovely and ideal to start a mix!

On the flipside, “Dead In The Head” signs the climax of the 12” and my favorite song ever! A crystal clear melody makes progressively its way through a raw yet powerful tempo to haunt your spirit with emotion and never leave your mind. What a perfection! I would be surprised if this one doesn’t give you goosebumps!

Speaking about goosebumps, lazy “Jazz D”, the last gem of the record, turns into a crying Electronica affair. Without a beat but full of atmosphere and creativity, this brilliant conclusion won’t leave you insensitive.

I couldn’t recommend enough for you to follow Danny Daze’s fantastic Omnidisc label (watch out also for the wonderful two tracker from Anthony Rother on OMD014) and AAAA forthcoming releases. There’s plenty of talents out there but this one is very special!


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