Accusonus Introduces "Voice Changer": A Sound Designer Plug-In For Your Vocal Tracks

Looks minimal, but the sonic palette is extensive! © Accusonus

Greek software company Accusonus has been developing some really interesting bits of software since the company's inception back in 2013. Primarily a company dedicated to the broadcaster and multimedia professional in general, Accusonus was also one of the first companies to make Machine Learning musical tools available commercially, and over the years have become well known for products such as the innovative, award-winning "Regroover" A.I. driven loop extractor and drum designer, or perhaps the sophisticated drum mixer "Drumatom".

Their latest announcement, the vocal sound designer "Voice Changer", should be another welcomed addition, not just for the multimedia expert, but to anyone working with music production and in need of a quick and powerful tool to radically alter the sound of their voice and in this case, even the environment which it is in. If you are familiar with Roland's AIRA line, then perhaps you may remember the handy "VT-3" voice transformer, or its subsequent revision, the powerful VT-4. Accusonus' Voice Changer plugin is essentially a virtual version of those two machines, but with even more features and possibilities.

With Accusonus' Voice Changer, you can do anything from robotic voices, to that of a man, a woman, a baby, or even a dragon....if that's your thing of course! You can also generate environment sounds that will take you out of your studio, and place you in the middle of stadiums, airports, cathedrals, or the very top of a mountain. Then there is perhaps one of its most useful features, the fact you can also generate your voice through many different mediums such as old analog VHS tape, cellphones, megaphones, etc, and even generate effects like old time news broadcasts, or walkie-talkie chatter. The possibilities of this powerful tool are almost endless, and its versatility something that should make it a must for basically any audio professional.

Accusonus' Voice Changer works with audio and video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, and can also be used with DAW's as it supports the plugin formats AU, VST, and AAX. Voice Changer can be obtained via a small monthly licensing fee of $4.99. A free trial is available as well.

You can learn more about Voice Changer by watching the video below: