Adam Grow and Anthony Nuzzo Team Up on New Project "Astro Exesa", Share Song

Anthony Nuzzo and Adam Wilson aka Astro Exesa © A. Wilson

If you are a fan of contemporary Electro music, particularly the sounds of Electro Bass coming from Miami and the surrounding areas, then it's a sure bet you are well aware of the mastery that guys like Grow, and Anthony Nuzzo have over the sound. Known for their well polished hypersonic rhythms, and the uncanny way they are able to sequence their songs to display such tenacious depth and style, the two have a long history in the Electro scene already, with releases under different pseudonyms on labels such as Monotone, Electro Empire, Crobot Muzik, and many more.

Geared primarily for clubs and big sound systems, their music undeniably comes from a highly intelligent place that almost speaks in a language all of its own, and has a keen sense for the future B-boy culture that is quite unique for that region. Always has been!

Recently, Adam "Grow" Wilson took to social media to share a new song from a very interesting new project between Anthony Nuzzo and himself called Astro Exesa. Diving deep into the history of the two artists as they were coming up in the underground Electronic scene in their younger years, both heavily influenced by the sounds of Industrial, EBM, retro Synth Wave, and of course, Electro Funk and its evolution into the Electro/Techno Bass sound in the 90's, Astro Exesa is fused with dark overtones, sinister vocals, driven guitars, and of course, a melange of Electronic flavors that emphasize the path they took to get to where they are at today.

Stay tuned, and for now check out their Soundcloud page, where you can find two brand new finished songs, "Killing Atlas", and "Waiting", and get ready for more to come! As Wilson states: "We have another 4 tunes well on their way, and plan on continuing this exploration as we are both having a blast".

You can listen to the song "Killing Atlas" below: