ADJ - Selected Transmissions From The Pyramid

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

A master of conscious Electro, iconic UK Electro artist ADJ has been a force to be reckoned with for over 20 years, delivering what can only be described as purely uncut, bewildering music for the mind, body and soul.

Recently appearing on the Carebots charity compilation on Bass Agenda, not to mention Electronic Leatherette's "The Animalists", ADJ returns once again, continuing a busy year so far, with his first EP for 2020 titled: "Selected Transmissions From The Pyramid".

Available as a vinyl-only release, ADJ's new release on UK imprint "For Those That Knoe" is a trip down the rabbit hole where you will find suspenseful and mind-bending themes to challenge you to the very core.

Some standout tunes for example are "Monday Night Blues", with its tense landscapes and haunting, razor sharp stabs, as well as "Realignment" and its unforgiving pace of shrewd programs. Others like "Lark" and "Bomb Site" offer some moodier approaches, which ADJ is particularly excellent at. Overall you will find this to be a fairly versatile release, full of depth and enigmatic atmospheres, that won't let you down from beginning to end.

ADJ's "Selected Transmissions From The Pyramid" releases officially September 28th, 2020, via the label's Bandcamp, and other retailers such as Juno Records in the UK. Absolute must have!


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