ADJ - Street Life Part 2

Pyramid Transmissions head honcho Andy Jaggers, an artist you have probably come to know as ADJ and iconic releases such as "The Raw EP" on Touchin' Bass imprint, or his collaboration with famed duo Transparent Sound and the release "Travel Card" on Outside Recordings.

Returning to his homebase with the second installment of his vinyl series "Street Life", ADJ delivers 4 new cuts of absolute mystique and bewilderment.

The record starts off with "Future", a spooky tune with shrewd stomping beats, and mysterious melodies. The whole song is raw, heavily saturated in distortion to add grit, and a bit of a razor sharp feel without being uncomfortable to the ear.

Next, "Grinder" continues the attack of volatile beats, crafted with an aggressive attitude that pushes the envelope of percussive technique into a more futuristic approach that gives ADJ's tunes a unique character. As always, the enigmatic vibes that come through in his synthwork make their way in to give goosebumps, and heighten your 6th sense.

DNA kickstarts side B with a slight increase in tempos, driven by a sub bassline that works in tandem with the kicks to build the pressure as uncanny sequences takeover. Little by little the song opens up a bit and allows, ever so slightly, for the subtle melodic elements to sneak through.

Lastly, the EP concludes with Molecule, the best track on this record in my opinion. The synths here are devious, a bit eerie with their bubbly texture, with an overall vibe as if part of a soundtrack to some strange Sci Fi horror flick. The gritty bassline seems to almost stretch as it manifests, hypnotizing the listener as it seeps deep into your brain's neural network. A+!

ADJ's "Street Life Part 2" was released at the end of last March, but vinyl is still available through the label's Bandcamp or Juno Records. Digital offerings wherever you buy music online. For now, stay tuned for more as Pyramid Transmissions is set to release a volley of high caliber Electro releases over the coming months.


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