AE35 - Future Japanese

AE35 returns on his own digital imprint "Anti-Gravity Device" with "Future Japanese". Here, the artist dives head first into his signature Electro Bass style with audacity and determination, aimed aesthetically perhaps at paying homage to his own Japanese culture, and the way their society has progressed over time into a very futuristic nation that while deeply rooted in their ancient history, also unquestionably seeks to progress the world with technological advancements that affect our lives across the globe every single day.

Starting things off, the original cut of Future Japanese is pure madness, driven by over-compressed bass beats that pound the floor Kamikaze style, as devious acid tones meet wicked sequencing, deranged robotic vocoders, and sensual female vocals that sound like Geisha's welcoming you into the dark underworld of AE35.

Next up, we have the K-Tanaka remix, which introduces a bit more of a soothing aspect of the original concept, while also reworking the darker elements into a fierce tune, reminding me a little bit of Mandroid, with hints of SEM. The original sequencing is re-introduced back into the song, including the 303 Acid loops, pounding heavy with relentless Electro Bass beats that have a stomping rhythmic character to them.

If you haven't had enough, then prepare yourself as Danny Electro slices through, and takes things in a bit more of a Gods of Technology direction, with suspenseful stabs, and sweeps that cut through like razors, while modulating bleeps flutter by like space butterflies. Still keeping some of the original material intact, this one bounces around a little more thanks to Miami Bass influences, and is a great tune for the peak of the hour at your next DJ set.

Lastly, we have what in my opinion is the real gem in this release: The "Postsingularity mix" by Holon. A marvel of a tune, this one reworked into a beautiful Electro Downtempo gem with flares of Dubstep, while rich, alluring synths and pads add such depth to the song. The aura around this one is mystifying, captivating as it inspires thoughts of futurism, with a dark edge of concern and melancholy for the current times we face.

Highly recommended digital release on an imprint already in its young state recognized as an absolute winner in the Electro scene. Not a release goes by on AGD that isn't pure quality and crafted with ingenuity. As for AE35, what can I say, he is truly one of the masters of the Electro sound, and someone to always keep an eye out for when looking for your next addition to your collection. Purchase below and support the underground!


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