Ahead of Moogfest 2019: New Vocoder Build as well as Performances by Martin Gore, Thomas Dolby

New vocoder teased by Moog © Moog Music inc.

Moogfest 2019 is just around the corner, and already we can tell this one is gonna be special, and for a few reasons. Included in the line-up this year are Electronic music icons Martin Gore of the band Depeche Mode, as well as Thomas Dolby. Modular grandmaster Richard Devine will also be performing, along with many, many more acts!

Ahead of the event, as always Moog saves the best for last, and can always be expected to conjure something interesting and inspirational for workshop attendees to help build for the first time before, if ever, actually marketing the product. Previous builds have included the infamous Mother-32 or DFAM drum machine, and this year, we get something perhaps we should have seen a long time ago from Moog, but again...why not save the best for last...or at least later perhaps?

Moog has been teasing a video over the past couple weeks that shows what is clearly a Eurorack-style analog multiband vocoder, sporting a gooseneck microphone, sitting alongside the Subharmonicon and DFAM. There is no info whatsoever on it right now except for what you see in the video, which shows a small patchbay to the right and knobs with parameters such as "Spectral Drift". As per the timing, this one does indeed seem to be for the workshop attendees that will help build and keep it.

Tickets for the workshop are about the price of a Moog synthesizer, so a little steep, but includes VIP access to the rest of the festival, plus getting to keep whatever machine you build. Last year, attendees helped build the "Subharmonicon" synthesizer, which Moog explained was like "a semi-modular harmonic kaleidoscope that divides into itself until everything that is up becomes down". Unfortunately, this one as of yet has not been released to the general public. Let's hope that changes as it was a very unique one from Moog that many of us would like to get our hands on!

Moogfest 2019 will be held this year in downtown Durham, North Carolina, April 25th-28th. You can buy your tickets here.

Here is the video Moog released of their upcoming vocoder: