Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Serbian Electro/Techno wiz Alavux © Alavux official

Hailing from Serbia, Alavux is one of the true purveyors of the Electro/Techno sound in his region of Eastern Europe, where together with the E75 crew, our music has been represented with passion and dedication for well over 20 years. Having recently released the massive vinyl "Octagon EP" on the infamous Bass Agenda Recordings, with support from the likes of Dave Clarke, Alavux continues his quest to annihilate the complacent masses with his unique flavor of fast paced, tenacious Electro sounds that have gained him notoriety all over the world as one of the true Knights of The Roundtable of Electro music.

Born Goran Alavuk in the city of Skopje, Serbia, and growing up in a region that is no stranger to Electronic music, he would eventually find himself gravitating towards the sounds of Mid '90s Acid, Techno and House music; soon enough beginning his own adventure in music production leading to a top 5 spot on his country's national charts with one of his first tracks called "San". Alavuk recalls of his humble beginnings, saying: "I start in '95 on friend's Roland XP 50. Then some experimentations with Fast Tracker 2, and Rebirth 1.5 until '99 when I got my first gear: Roland MC 505, Roland A33 MIDI keyboard and a PC (Celeron 300 mhz)".

As the new century set in, Alavux continued to be one of the heavy supporters of the nascent "3rd wave" of Electro music, though it would be quite some time before he would begin a consistent output of releases, starting off with his signing to legendary Detroit imprint Twilight 76 back in 2008; bringing us "Munze Konza", as well as "E75 Vol. 1" with Kalson, on his collaborative effort with imprint E75. Since then, the artist has enjoyed a plethora of digital releases on labels like Binalog Productions, Toyfriend Music, Vocode, Battery Park Studio, and the list goes on. A busy man without question, and one with a very keen sense for staying ahead of the curve, and without chance of being "put in a box" in regards to any specific style. He is as much a visionary, as much as he is a devout lover of our music and the foundation laid before him by our predecessors.

As for the future, when asked about what he envisions, he replies: "More gear, and of course, more releases!". Which, if his latest monster of a 12" release (his first) on iconic imprint Bass Agenda Recordings is sign of anything, then perhaps it is safe to say that not only is his career maturing gracefully, but he is also getting the respect that he deserves and finally getting his work on vinyl. A veteran of our music in his own right, and an ardent fighter who is helping to spread the sounds of our music to the rest of the world and beyond, Alavux is a machine with no sign of slowing down. Stay tuned, as he is just getting his turbines warmed up, and has much more in store for us. Support!


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