Alavux and Scenedrone - Split E.P. Series 001

Supercomputer A/V, the British digital imprint that has brought you previous releases by Saint Cole and West Yorkshire based "Vessels", returns once again with a blinding and rather sinister new split EP by Alavux and Scenedrone, feat. a collaboration with label founder Saint Cole on the track "Syncopated Life" by Serbian Electro/Techno master Alavux. Expect nothing but deviant, punishing productions meant to rattle the cage and challenge the mind.

First off we have Alavux and Saint Cole on "Syncopated Life". This tune is a marvel, alluring, uninviting and ferocious in its approach. The vocals alone are very well done, reminiscent of old school Industrial tunes a bit. Dark and cold, menacing and sending chills down your spine. The sequencing in this song is tightly programmed, the bassline alone is perfect, and the beats don't stop! Top tune.

Next, Alavux goes solo, and introduces "90's", a throwback Electro/Techno tune that reminds me a little of some of what I once heard Scan 7 play in Detroit. The type of cold and lonely Techno tune that sounds like a mechanical heartbeat speeding up from overload. This one has a bit of a Breaks rhythm to it, making it appealing to die-hard Electro fans, with syncopations so hypnotic you'll feel as if going into a trance. Mysterious programming sneaks its way in every so often, sounding like something evil trying to taunt you as it prepares to come through your window at night.

The EP from here begins to turn the stage to Scenedrone, who begins the assault with "Another Dusty One". A cold tune that starts off with stomping beats; bit more like a pounding heartbeat rather than an 808 or 909, slowly building but never necessarily going anywhere other than down a lonely cavern where electric fireflies lead the way.

Next, "Wobbly Loops" sends chills down your spine as it opens up with a haunting drone. Higher frequencies oscillate as if tearing the veil of reality, only to be met by a beat similar to the previous. This one however, builds even more excitedly as the claps begin to add more of an Electro Breaks rhythm.

Last but not least, "Something Else" ends the pack with a cool downtempo production. This twisted little tune has the right groove, led by an acidic bassline that pridefully struts down the alley as if looking for trouble. Halfway through, clattering percussive elements echo back and forth like windchimes adding a bit of detail. Nice one!

Fairly eclectic digital pack, offering a bit more than the expected barrage of typical dance tunes. Here, you are offered highly energetic productions by Alavux, only to be tantalized and challenged a bit in your listening experience by Scenedrone who clearly enjoys making Electronic music without any unnecessary boundaries. Led only by the moment of experimentation and passion towards the machines that create this wonderful music. Highly recommended release!


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