Alavux Returns to Bass Agenda Recordings, Releases "CyberPunk EP"

Goran Alavuk aka Alavux © Alavux official

Alavux, the fierce Electro combatant hailing from Skopje, Serbia, is back on UK Bass Agenda Recordings with the digital "CyberPunk EP". This tenacious 4-track digital download has all that you have come to expect from this veteran artist who's discography spans back a decade on labels like Twilight 76, Battery Park Studio, Digital Distortions, and of course, Bass Agenda Recordings and his previous "Octagon EP" vinyl output. Shrewd, hypnotic and absolutely mind-bending sonic explorations that venture into worlds so complex and mysterious, they are as awe-inspiring as they are suspenseful and frantic. Add to that his high-energy style of rhythm programming, taking the listener from Electro Bass, to 4x4 Techno, even passing through Industrial in the kind of chaotically creative style of artists like Aphex Twin, and what you have is a serious force to be reckoned with!

CyberPunk EP is available now through the label's Bandcamp, or wherever you buy digital music! Listen to the full EP below: