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Alma Construct - Circulator

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

After releasing on Super Hexagon and R&S Records, Alma Construct’s next release comes on the UK label Power Vacuum. Hailed as a fresh addition to the electronic discography, this seven track release is sure to delight dance floors whenever the needle hits the groove on this 12” and digital release.


Paralleling an intricate bassline, The 4x4 beat guides the listener through a maze of intricate synthesizer facilitations. The finger work on the keys is magnificent throughout this first tune, setting the table for one of 2018’s most imaginative sonic fares. "OverlayReverseInt" culminates in a mysterious closing that foreshadows the title track of Circulator.


Despite the slower BPM and lack of drums, it is hard to call Circulator ambient. Like a curtain blowing in a steady breeze with the smell of an oncoming thunderstorm, a vale of minor notes play with the senses as the artist guides us further into this EP.


“7 come 11, papa needs some new Electro!”. With its tumbling bassline and atmospheric keys, seven is programmed with an ear to the future, reminding me of works by Decal and other contemporary Electro artists that make the style all their own.

Metro King (legs)

The intro gives a bit of a head fake, and I was prepared for an ambient track, but the intro of gaining drums gives way to a proper Electro beat. Comprised of pipes and synthesizer growls, the melody and bassline intermingle in a bath of symbols and snares, interrupted by occasional drum solos, compounding the unique sound of this digital and vinyl release.

Ordtil 2

Doing a one eighty, Alma Construct offers another 4x4 tune that highlights his drum programming abilities. The mood is light and airy, accomplished by intruding original melodies that hold the attention to the end.


Front and center, a smiling keyboard won’t distract from the bass plunging on Aerd. Again, the drums are masterfully placed with original patterns relentlessly forming new firings in your mind. You’ll have to listen yourself to hear the brilliant effects that parted my grin on this sixth track.

Playing With You

With its analog rattle shakes and hand claps that keep time for fluctuating synth work, "Playing With You" is an outro particularly suited for the theme of Circulator. It’s short, but listeners will want to play it over and over to hear the intricacies of this small benediction.

Power Vacuum presents Circulator on vinyl and digital download on Bandcamp and other fine online shops. Check out the video for “Aerd”, a masterful production by video artist Will Clarke, and further soak your senses into "Circulator"!

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