Alma Construct Shares Video From New EP Circulator On Power Vacuum

Released on Monday May 28th, the new EP by R&S artist Alma Construct, called "Circulator" is out now on Power Vacuum Records. This seven track EP is reminiscent of some of the more melodic work by Richard D. James, and is really quite a treat to listen to. Vintage in some ways, warm to the soul, but avant garde enough to challenge even the most seasoned of Electro listeners.

Check out the new official video of the song "Aerd", produced by Will Clarke; a very interesting videographer who uses Super 8 film techniques such as burning individual cells with acid, or scratching abstract patterns unto them. Everything is then finalized on the digital realm, where by meeting with analog it creates a refined, retro-futuristic look and feel that really conveys the style and sound of Alma Construct.

For more info, visit the Power Vacuum website or Facebook page. Release is out now, though different vinyl retailers have it still on Pre-Order status. Grab a copy regardless, a must have! Listen below.

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