Andray Brown, Legendary Detroit Artist Known as Erotek, Passes Away

Andray Brown aka Erotek © Discogs

Andray Brown, the prolific Detroit artist many came to know and love as Erotek, with an illustrious vinyl discography on labels such as Metroplex, Twilight 76, Databass, or his own AfroSyntrix recordings, has passed away this week. The reasons and exact timing are being kept personal at this time, though funeral arrangements are being made.

Tragic news to come at a time when the recent deaths of iconic figures such as Alan Pearlman of ARP Instruments, and Perttu Häkkinen of Imatran Voima, rocked the Electro community to its core.

Andray Brown, through his project Erotek, made a strong impact not just on the local Detroit Techno scene, but all around the world with releases that are considered still to this day, classics that helped once pave the way for Electro's 3rd wave back at the turn of the millenium. May he rest in peace! Our thoughts are with his family.