Animistic Beliefs - Molucca Quake EP

Discovered a year ago on Solar One Music label with their fearsome “Sinuous Gullies” debut, the Rotterdam finest duo, specialized in awesome analogue live sessions, signs its second EP to date. 

After a solid appearance on the The New U.S Government imprint back in 2018, and a remarkable contribution to Cultivated Electronics’ “From The Dark Volume 3” compilation early this year, Linh Luu and Marvin Lalihatu return to Sync 24´s label with a full of surprises five tracker! Faithful to their roots with a sound borrowing from the Detroit repertory, they deliver on brand new “Molucca Quake” four dancefloor weapons of pure analog machine funk Electro, completed with a nasty remix by CE regular signature The Exaltics.

A side opens with the title track, a milestone of a frantic cut deeply influenced by the sound of Drexciya. Sharp ad precise drums quickly emerge from the darkness after a rather 4/4 overture, instantly followed by a heading string that will invite you into a circle. Ace! SOM mastermind Robert Witschakowski revisits the song in a sinister and completely insane mood in which metallic pads combine to a noir atmosphere over a pounding bassline. Hot like the doors of Hell!

On the flipside, Animistic Beliefs strike back with impressive “Lusty Toad”, another unstoppable track of their trademark based upon hypnotic yet punishing beats, vintage analogue modulations and retro-futuristic sororities. Robotic “Resequenced DNA” coming next serves up an utterly intricate song made of acidic loops, Kraftwerkian patterns and stunning melodies. No doubt one of Animistic Beliefs more danceable hits to date!

Last but not the least, soulful “Virgin Circuit” concludes the 12” with a dystopian approach, slowing down the rhythm to offer some gloomy and experimental sequences a la Aphex Twin, while weird vocals lay in the background. 

From A to Z, genius “Molucca Quake EP” sounds like a winner. No need to say the 12” will run out fast, like most of the CE releases, so rush on it when it is out!

As for Animistic Beliefs, watch out also for their incredible collaboration with Legowelt as the Audiosport 8 side project on the amazing “De Diepe Wereld” cassette tape album out this month!

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