Animistic Beliefs - Sinuous Gullies

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

If you are wondering what animistic beliefs means, it’s the belief in the existence of individual spirits that inhabit natural objects. Transposed to music, this definition reaches another dimension as if machines were haunted by a soul. A perfect theory that gave its name to an emerging band from Rotterdam. Infamous for their feverish live acts; one of the most noticeable being their performance at Clone Records' X Operator Radio festival in July 2017, the exciting Dutch duo won in December, a Rotterdam Music Awards in the “Most Promising Act” category. Today, Animistic Beliefs presents its debut EP on none other than Solar One Music’s sub-label "Between Places". No artist would have dreamt of a better start!

Succeeding to Das Muster’s inaugural release, Linh and Marvin deliver an instant classic made of five insane gems of high caliber. Heavy “Phycodurus Dragon” opens the A side with a refined retro-futuristic sound characterized by female vocals over punishing Electro percussions. Groovy modulations complete this luminous song in the great legacy of Dopplereffekt.

Title track “Sinuous Gullies” coming next signs an uncompromising slaughter built around hypnotizing 808 drums and irresistible synth programming that confines to ecstasy. Wait for the break to arrive and you’ll know what I mean. The cut appears in two parts, end of the song offering new sequences, lyrics and some severe hi-hats. Ace! Indeed, years of live-acts helped their music to grow, but we remain impressed with such maturity and mastery in sound for a first release.

Organic “Marianentrog Patrol” on the reverse, serves up a pure Drexcyian jewel where lazy modular melodies fuse into classic Electro, with some bubbling tones laying in the background. Top notch!

Upright “Aquatic Gas Exchange” instantly following slows down the rhythm to introduce a beautiful and emotive jam based upon haunting melodies that melt with experimental beats.

Last but not the least “Thalassic Alarm (Linh’s Hymn)”, my favorite, concludes this perfect 12” with electrifying synth swirls, catchy female vocals and an intricate bassline.

Alternating between dancefloor anthems and contemplative cuts for home listening pleasure, “Sinuous Gullies” appears already as one of the best EP’s for me this year! A great surprise and the discovery of a fantastic crew, worthy heiress of the "West Coast Sound of Holland". Grab a copy while you can as it is already sold out in major records shops worldwide. Must have!


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