Aphex Twin Set to Perform in New York for First Time in Decades

Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin at Coachella Festival © Wikipedia

Richard D. James, the legendary artist known as Aphex Twin, recently announced his return to New York since his last performance there in the 90's. Just in time it seems for the many great changes that have taken place in the city that never sleeps, which recently dumped its archaic "No Dance" law, and is even incubating a very healthy Electro scene thanks to the work of people like the Kraftjerkz crew and some others these days.

Performing April 11th at 8pm at the Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, James will be coming in from Mexico's Festival Ceremonia, and will then be heading straight out to the grand Coachella festival in California.

You can find pre-sales for tickets here. You can also keep up with more news regarding performances through Aphex Twin's Facebook page, and in case you missed it, he has also released a fantastic new record called "Collapse EP" out on Warp. Check out the video for "T69" below: