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Assembler Code - Write Pulse EP

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Assembler Code kicks off 2020 with a new raw Electro release on UK essential label Cultivated Electronics. Out now on vinyl and in digital format, the release features four tracks that will crush the dancefloor with heavy hitting drum lines and distorted synth patterns, coalescing around gritty production mannerisms Assembler Code brings to this release.

O.Y.M. get's the plate going with a beast of a tune filled with piercing tics and off handed snares, over heavy bass, and ghastly vocal excogitations. "Line Pulse" follows with a more Sci-Fi theme, but there's no letting up with the pressing dancefloor vibe.

Next up, Sync 24 and Jenson Interceptor colab on a remix of the opening track O.Y.M., bringing that sense of angst this release exudes into clear focus. "Bios", the concluding code, is crafted to evoke a sense of mechanical madness reflected in the devolving chaos around us.

Assembler Code - "Write Pulse" is out now on vinyl and digital releases. Check out album previews and other releases by Assembler Code on their Soundcloud page or down below.

Stay tuned for new releases by Cultivated Electronics coming up in 2020!


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