Bass 305

As a pivotal influence on the development of Intelligent Miami Bass, otherwise known as "Miami Techno Bass", Bass 305; founded by Mark and David Watson, would pave the way to not only one of the most influential Bass discographies, but also one of the most iconic music groups still in business.

Kicking things off in 1992 with the release of "Digital Bass", Bass 305 brought you 12 hard-hitting masterpieces of subsonic defiance, testing the capabilities of sound systems across the state of Florida and beyond, and pushing the boundaries of Miami Bass. The record was also the debut of not just the duo, but the label "DM Records"; which now operates under the umbrella of "DM Music Group", and runs 3 state-of-the-art recording facilities in Florida, not to mention the many sub-labels that are managed by DM.

In 1993, the duo returned once again, but this time behind the veil, producing two iconic releases: "Bass Syndicate - Cyberbass/Virtual Reality", as well as Techno Bass Crew's "Bass Machine". In 1994, Bass 305 returned with the album "Virtual Bass", as well as the compilation release of the song "Techno Bass", on the "Best Of Bass Vol. 1" series on Priority Records. Bass 305 also produced Bass Gangsters' "Criminal Bass", which was released on their imprint DM Records.

Techno Bass Crew returned in 1995 with "Industrial Bass", a 12 track album, produced again by Bass 305, and displaying the awesome aesthetic that the crew brought to the table: Mega-low bass drops, crisp basslines, and mind-warping high frequency oscillations; all against the backdrop of carefully composed and programmed soundscapes. In 1996, Techno Bass Crew and Bass 305 returned once again on DM records, this time on the compilations "Trip-Hop Experience Chapter One", as well as "Bass America 01", and "Bass Explosion Vol. 4". The compilations also included works by Bass 305, under their many pseudonyms like Bass Bombers, Bass Syndicate, Digital DJs, London Quad, and Eurobass Express.

Through the rest of the '90s, and early '00s, Bass 305's Mark and David Watson, along with DM Records, continued on their journey to bring Intelligent Bass Music to the world, publishing their last release as Bass 305 in 2002, but continuing work as a production team for other artists, expanding their label into what is now known as the 'DM Music Group"; A multi-room recording studio, which not only provides services to other artists, but also licenses music for TV, Video games, and Film. Though it does not seem that the duo will release music as Bass 305, or their other aliases anymore, the influence that their music and label had over helping to proliferate the sounds of Miami Techno Bass, is undeniable, and should always be looked at with much admiration and respect.


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