Bass Junkie

Phil Klein, aka Bass Junkie, has been releasing some of the most innovative and cutting edge music of the past 15 years, on labels like Breakin', Touchin' Bass, Parallax, Elektrix, along many others, also working under many aliases like iBorg, Gods Of Technology, IBM ( w/ Scott Weiser ), Cybernet Systems, Kronos Device, to name a few.

Bass Junkie first made his debut in 1996, on Parallax Records out of the UK, with "A Bass Odyssey E.P.", soon after followed by "Bass Below and Beyond E.P.". Already breaking ground with his incredibly unique skill, Klein was signed to the young Breakin' Records in 1997, were he released "Unknown Future Funk"; still a highly collectible 12" that featured the songs "Bass Mutant", "Hyper Bass", "Breaker's Throwdown", and "Listen To The Beat".

In 1998, Klein would continue on a solid path to a great career with Breakin' Records, with the release of the E.P.s "Cyber Bass E.P.", as well as "In Bass No One Can Hear You Scream"; which was subsequently followed by the album version, and included all of his material released so far; except for the tracks on the "Unknown Funk" E.P.. Another one of Bass Junkie's tracks, "Program The 808", off of the 2nd Parallax release in '96, was also released that year on the compilation "Satelite Club" on Satelite K Records, while the tracks "Electrobotic", and "Breaker's Throwdown" would make it unto the "Breakin' Records Presents...Vol. 1" compilation; which also featured Mandroid, Ed DMX, DMX Krew, and many other acts who had been releasing on the label in what had so far been an explosive year in business. That year Bass Junkie would also sign with Fuel Records, and released his remix of "Hold The Bunker", by Barecharge.

In 1999, Bass Junkie returned on the scene with "Outerbass Vibration Collective", a wild ride through his genius mind, featuring scratches, cuts, and just about everything you could bass a stick at. The record included various versions of the two songs "R-M-T-S", and "Return Of The OVC". The 12" was followed by his second album "Bass Time Continuum" on Breakin' Records, which included his first works on Parallax, as well as some of the songs from his previous releases over the past two years with Breakin'.

The new millenium would bring us deeper into the world of the Bass junkie, as a plethora of releases would continue pouring into record stores, like his 2002 split E.P. with Silicon Scally called, "Firewire Split Series", on Firewire Records, as well as his Touchin' Bass classic "Deep Bass Matrix", which was complimented that year with the release of the "Bass Control E.P.", on the infamous Control Tower Records, as well as the "Return To Bass E.P." on Breakin' Records. Later in 2004, Bass Junkie returned with his first and only release on Elektrix Records called "Future Tense E.P.", later followed by his 2006 release on his own Battle Trax imprint with The Dexorcist called, "Battle Cry E.P.", not to mention the split single with Dead Silence Syndicate Band called "Suicide Bomber/Berzerker", on SMB Records.

Through the rest of the first decade of the '00s, Bass Junkie also released a wide variety of remixes and compilation songs on other labels like Rotters Golf Club, Satamile's "Satrx", [K]racktroni[k], XOX Records, and many others including his funky-fresh remix of Computor Rockers' "Computor Interface" on his long-time homebase Breakin' Records.

In 2009, Bass Junkie announced that the project, at least for some time, would come to a conclusion, and released the highly acclaimed "Comply" double CD album, which was subsequently followed by the 12" E.P. version featuring "Infiltrator", Dexorcist's edit of "Submission", and "Jammin' The Box". Phil Klein has since then continued work with The Dexorcist as "Gods Of Technology" on Battle Trax, as well as Middle Men, and Kronos Device. Klein has also just recently commented that the Bass Junkie project was soon to be resurrected, though concrete plans on future releases have not been announced.

To an artist with so much devotion to the sounds of Electro music, specifically the Techno Bass sub-genre, who has had such an everlasting influence on the direction things have taken, there are so many things that can be said, yet very few words to say them with. One thing we can all certainly agree on, and that is that his music is at best genius, and at worst, nothing short of innovative, and consistently ground-breaking. Truly there are very few producers with the kind of know-how that Phil Klein seems to always bring to the table, and its the kind of thing that always keep the rest of us in wonder, and with constant inspiration to continue setting the bar higher and higher, and to never look back. There is a little bit of a bass junkie in all of us, and this artist is always here to remind us why.


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