Bass Junkie - Low Frequency Fugitive

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Legends never die! Back from the future, UK veteran producer and Electro pioneer Phil Klein is expected next month on London's Bass Agenda Recordings with an instant classic 12”. Indeed “Low Frequency Fugitive” signs the great return of the infamous Bass Junkie and ends a nine year musical break (his last release in form of a "best off" was the “Comply” album on his own Battle Trax).

In fact, Phil never gave up with Electro during this period and committed some incredible collaborations along with his partners in crime Simon “Dexorcist” Brown as Gods Of Technology (The Bass Academy), Ed Upton as Room 13 (I Love Acid) or Matt Whitehead as Model Citizens (Fdb Recordings). Having worked with the greatest artists in the Electro genre, from Dynamix II to DMX Crew, including Egyptian Lover or Man Parrish, Phil can proudly argue of a busy and successful musical career started in 1994. Yet besides sparse solo tracks, for instance on highly recommended Subsonic Device’s “Electrobass Development (Phase II)” in 2017, or Fundamental Records’s “Time Capsule (5th Anniversary 808 Box)” earlier this year, The Londoner was pretty stingy with EPs since 2009. But years have no effect on his sound and skills in machine manipulation as you will witness with this collector's EP.

A side kicks off with the title track, a milestone of a hypnotic cut displaying original, uncompromising and true to the roots Electro sounds. A martial 808 opens the song, instantly followed by old schoolish tonalities and vocodered laughs. No one else other than Bass Junkie could have written such a masterpiece!

Powerful “Liquid Engineering” coming next offers Detroitish synth flights over percussive drums and untouchable sub bass. Tense, dancefloor and more than efficient!

On the reverse, successful “Question Everything” slows down the rhythm to deliver a soulful cut based upon clear synth melodies, heading vocals, droid like sounds and funky basslines. Ace!

Last but not the least, mechanic “Surrender Or Be Destroyed” concludes the 12” with an offensive slaughter a la Qube (another collaboration project between Bass Junkie and The Dexorcist), where industrial layers combine to robotic and harsh beats, and some nostalgic Kraftwerkian samples laying in the background.

Available in a limited silver sleeve, the 12” is a must have. As enjoyable as a Bass Junkie release and hey... that’s a good thing, because it is a Bass Junkie one!! Rush on it.

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