Battery Park Studio

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Battery Park Studio is a bit of a phenomenon, one of those cases where things just seem to have come into alignment at just the right time and place. At just two years old, the label, with its humble beginnings, had already catapulted itself somehow, into becoming one of the most prolific labels of the digital era.

Featuring most of the biggest names in the scene, from Bass Junkie and Radioactive Man as "The Brink", to Max Durante, Luke Eargoggle, and Paul Blackford and beyond, the imprint has had an energetic and enthusiastic drive to keep the foot on the gas pedal and continue releasing title after title of high quality material that never seems to disappoint.

Launching in 2010 with the release of Prototype's "Battery Park Electro", the label gave itself a strong head start with this funky, forward thinking, but well-rooted release that featured a great display of the label mastermind's production abilities. The release was followed up by another instant classic, this time with a very special collaboration between the artist, and up and coming German female composer and producer "Unique", as well as Morphogenetic from Fundamental Bass Intelligence; including the original version between Unique and Prototype, and 2 remixes: one by Morphogenetic, and one by Prototype himself.

2010 continued to be a very lucrative year for the label, receiving plaudits from all corners of the world for the label's great efforts in becoming a solid digital Electro imprint, 100% dedicated in its approach to delivering not just the best international artists the Electro scene has to offer, but high-quality mastering and artwork, raising the bar for many labels of that era that did not seem to understand how, or perhaps did not have the means to, deliver the kind of the professionalism that a proper record label required.

2011 would continue strong for BPS, signing Electro music heavy-weight "Luke Eargoggle" to the label, and releasing the fantastic "Telewerk E.P.", in a collaborative effort with Johan Inkinen. Italian favorite Max Durante would also join forces, releasing the cult classic "Invaders From Outerspace E.P." as "Novaelectro", and Bass Junkie and Radioactive Man would team up as "The Brink", bringing you "Bass Locators"; which was another instant hit, not to mention the incredible sense of novelty that such a collaboration created in everyone's mind. It's also worth mentioning that both Max Durante and The Brink's releases are just a few of the titles that are available for vinyl pressing on-demand (180g) via French store Templeplate.

In the beginning of 2012, there would be another one of the releases available in vinyl format on-demand from Battery Park Studio, Dark Prophet and "LHC Disorder EP", which was a hard-hitting collection of dark, synthetic, and sinister music. The EP contained 7 songs by the artist, and made way for what would be a punishing attack by the label and its formidable force of artists, with new ones to join the label this year including "Subscriber", former co-owner of Serbian label "Ghost Technology", as well as Eastern European Alliance, Vadim SVD, Alavux, Datacrashrobot, and Spanish "Replicante Norman", with "Void Droids'.

Since 2013, the label has continued forward diligently, releasing many titles by artists like Commuter, Mike Ash, Zeitmodelle, Dr. Floyd and as of recent, Carlos SicRock and Robertiano Filigrano. If you haven't checked out Battery Park's marvel of a catalog, you owe it to yourself. Battery Park Studio is a label that consistently delivers with ingenuity and class!


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