Battery Park Studio Releases "Hidden" by Carlos SicRock: Listen

Carlos SicRock © Carlos SicRock official

Carlos SicRock, the Catalonian artist who keeps showing with each new release what an ability he has not just for consistently putting out new material, but how consistently the great quality of each tune actually is! Bound by strong emotive elements; somewhere right in between a bleeding heart and the more abstract and desolate melodies, where the balance delivers heartwarming, feelgood vibes, with an aura of mystique, brooding from the inside with a keen eye on the darkness that surrounds us, a bit as if almost trying to hide the pain and frustration, instead allowing the majesty of the music to speak for itself.

Recently, hot on the heels of his previous "Quadrant" album on Italian label Urban Distortions, Carlos SicRock releases "Hidden" on German Battery Park Studio, and delivers with 4 brand new tunes the exact kind of magic I try and describe every time I write about the music of this fantastic artist: the unique blend of mind-bending abstract sounds and sequences, the soulful vibes expressed through textures and notes that both inspire and fill with suspense, and the innovative rhythm styles that very much groove with classic Electro flavors, but with this rather innovative and classy futuristic approach, clearly displaying influences of Kraftwerk or even more modern artists like perhaps Subtonal from the glory days of iconic imprints such as Mikrolux.

Carlos SicRock's new EP is out now through the label's Bandcamp, or wherever you buy digital music. Listen and purchase below: