Beat Dominator

Updated: Jan 24

Neil Case aka Beat Dominator (Bass Mekanik) started off in 1992, with what would become one of the most influential careers in the Miami Techno Bass movement. Remaining almost exclusively under the Pandisc name, Neil Case released a wide number of releases marketed since the very beginning as "Techno Bass" music, and had his versatile works infiltrate everything from the car sound system circles, to Raves, and everything in between.

The first release by Beat Dominator was called "Techno Bass", and was released in 1992 on Pandisc; featuring 14 tracks of pure sub sonic mayhem, that ranged in styles that reflected a wide influence of music from the artist. The single EP of the song "1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass" was also released this year, and included 3 different versions of the original, as well as the main song itself. This is perhaps Neil case's most well known material.

In 1993, Beat Dominator returned, this time with "Bass Station Zero (Techno Bass II), which was another very influential LP in the region, featuring 15 songs that continued a growing trend in what would become known in many circles as "Intelligent Miami Bass", or Miami Techno Bass. Throughout the rest of the 90's and 2000's, Beat Dominator continued to primarily publish under Pandisc, having various EP's and compilation releases, not to mention another album in 1999 called "Hyper Techno Bass". Many of his hits from his previous albums have also been featured on countless compilations on labels like Virgin Records, Avex, and even Edel Records out of Finland.

In 2008, Neil Case founded his own label called "Bass Mekanik Records", and has since then published a wide array of music by artists like Billy E, DJ Droppin, and DJ Wuzisname. Case has also featured a lot of his new material, going under the alias "Flow", as well as his Bass Mekanik pseudonym.

As of yet, the Beat Dominator project itself has not been revived, though with such an illustrious career in the 90's, influencing so many different scenes with one big sound, one can only hope that at some point we may see a new release by someone who is truly one of the pioneers of the Miami's Techno Bass scene.

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