Beatprozessor - Digital Mind EP

If you were caught in the undercurrent of his ingenious dancefloor formula, as witnessed on his previous release on Borg Recordings back in 2016 titled, "Terabytes EP", then get ready for round 2 of Beatprozessor's funk and bass-laden, mind-piercing productions to get your body and soul moving once again!

With Digital Mind EP, Beatprozessor continues his methodical dancefloor productions that are produced with a nod to the past, and where it all began, but with a keen inclination towards the future!

Strong hints of Detroit Electro seep through the tunes "Electric Stimulation", and the title track itself as well, with influences of artists like DJ Di'jital or even Underground Resistance, and driven by devastating, floor pounding beats that are engineered straight for the dancefloor and with tons of attitude!

But then, you also have Beatprozessor's Miami Bass influences as witnessed on "Systemdefekt", where heart-pounding, relentless, laser-guided futuristic bass thumps are driven by mechanical wizardry and uncanny programming. Add the wicked synths that come in halfway through, and the song turns into absolute mayhem. Very mischievous vibes, determined to conquer the groove and the groove alone.

Lastly, "We Are Connected" takes you to the old school Rave era days with nostalgic energies throughout, but also introduces you a bit more to the region of Austria where this highly skilled DJ and producer hails from, displaying a fusion of many of his influences, which in turn manifest as a slightly more laidback, groovy tune with depth and character. Perhaps my favorite!

Digital Mind is available wherever you buy or stream music, so rush on this! An absolute must for your next DJ set, Beatprozessor never disappoints.


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