Behringer Announces Commencement of Pro-1 Production

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Behringer, the company making waves in the hardware world with its pocket-friendly releases such as the already classic Model D clone, and its Neutron original concept synth, announced today that it has approved production of one of its long-awaited clones, the Pro-1.

Based on the original design by predecessor to Dave Smith Instruments, Sequential Circuits, the Pro-1 was an adaptation of their legendary Prophet 5 synthesizer, scaled down and streamlined into a compact monophonic little beast! Boasting two oscillators, dedicated filter envelope, as well as an arpeggiator and basic sequencer, what stood out the most perhaps about the Pro-1 was its flexible, compact, and integrated modulation section. No wires needed, simply select routing and destination.

Behringer's Pro-1 version; which will for one be fairly affordable given their past price points on the Neutron and Model D ($299.00), goes even more compact, and like the Neutron and Model D, will come in a desktop (keyboardless) version that can be fitted into a Eurorack case. The original panel design will stay, but with added CV capabilities that will make this Pro-1 a highly flexible, adaptable synthesizer for today's growing modular set ups.

Stay tuned for more news regarding delivery to retailers, and if you have time, check out the Superbooth 2018 introduction of the Pro-1:

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